| Aug 14, 2008

Aug 14/08 - Arden Millpond Clean Up

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Feature Article - August 14, 2008 Arden’s Mill Pond Clean-upBy Jeff Green

Cam Arndt and his nephew Quinn help clean up the mill pond

It may haven been 15 years in coming, but after a few hours of concerted effort by some dedicated volunteers, the Arden Mill Pond is once again an attractive place to swim for area children and adults.

“The undergrowth built up over time and makes it impossible to swim in. That’s why it used to be cleaned out every two years or so, but it’s been building up for 15 years now,” said Jack Nicolson, the chair of the Kennebec Recreation Committee, the group that initiated the clean up.

There were several bureaucratic hoops to go through first, including approval from the Quinte Region Conservation Authority, which oversees the Salmon River. The river flows through Arden.

Harry Stinson from the conservation authority was on hand to lower the logs under the bridge at the foot of the pond, thus lowering the water enough so that people and boats and rakes, shovels, and forks could get in and dig out the grass-like undergrowth. There was also plenty of mud to clean off the shoreline.

After four hours of hauling and digging and cleaning rocks with pumped water, during which time tire rims, dolls, toy trucks, bottles, scissors, and even a lucky penny were found (but no bodies we are glad to report), Harry Stinson put the logs back and the pond filled up again, this time with clear water.

Arden has a swimming hole again, thanks to the Rec. Committee and a group of volunteers who answered the word-of-mouth call to action.

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