| Sep 11, 2008

Sept 11/08 - Sydenham Paddler back from Nationals

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Feature Article - September 11, 2008 Young Sydenham paddlers back from the Nationalsby Julie Druker

Congratulations to Robyn Miazga and Cia Myles-Gonzalez for their showing in the National Canoeing and Kayaking Championships held on August 27-30 in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia at Lake Banook.

The two paddlers raced in the Midget Women’s K2 and C2 and also in the Juvenile Women’s C2. In all races the two women were often 2-4 years younger than their competitors. Though the girls didn’t place, the experience was well worth it. Robyn expressed her delight, “It was really exciting to get to go and it was my first time in Nova Scotia. We were very happy with how we did.”

Robyn’s sister Haeleigh made the trip as well and commented on the rough weather. “It was pouring rain, there were white caps on the lake and really strong tail winds.”

An added bonus was the chance for the visitors to catch the CAMAS races, which included many paddlers from the Canadian Olympic who were just back from Beijing and competing as well.

Congratulations, girls, and we’ll be watching out for you next year.

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