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Nov 13/08 - In Memory of a Soldier

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Feature Article - November 13, 2008

In Memory of a Soldierby June Arney

Area Remembrance Day Services In memory of a soldierby June ArneyLonnieGrant at the graveside of his great uncle, Rifleman Basil Franklin Arney, in Belgium.

Lonnie Grant is the son of June Arney, the grandson of Pearl Arney (both of Cloyne), and the great grandson of the deceased Mollie Arney of Henderson.

As a child he had often admired the picture on his great grandmother’s wall – that of his great uncle, Rifleman Basil Franklin Arney, who was killed in action during a mission called “Operation Switchback” near the Belgium town of Adegem on October 27, 1944.

Although young, Lonnie never forgot the picture of the young man who gave his life for the freedom we have.

On June 8, 2008, Lonnie decided to fly to Belgium to visit Flanders Fields and find his great uncle’s gravesite. He paid his respects at the Canadian War Cemetery in Adegem, Belgium, and said it was such an honour to visit all the graves of all the Canadian boys who died there - such an honourable feeling to find and kneel at his great uncle’s grave in tribute.

Lonnie also visited the Leopold Canal where a lot of vicious action occurred and a lot of men had died. He stated that the people of Belgium have never forgotten the sacrifice to this day.

Our family are also proud and we believe that his great grandmother Mollie is smiling down at him. She would have been very proud. Mollie had often cried because she was unable to put flowers on her son’s grave. Over 60 years later her great grandson finally did it for her.

Remembrance Day Services

Remembrance services were held throughout our readership in tribute of the soldiers who have served our country in the past and continue to do so in the present...

Remembrance Day ceremony at Arden on Nov 11 (l) and Flinton held November 9 (r).

Ceremony at Oso Soldiers Memorial hall, Sharbot Lake (l) Students from Prince Charles Public host a ceremony at the Verona Cenotaph (r)

Students from Hinchinbrooke Public School were joined by Master Corporal Jasmine Krlin and Second World War veteran Art Goodfellow in a ceremonyorganized by Mrs. Aylesworth’s grade 5/6 class (left).Remembrance Day in DenbighBy Angela Bright

The community joined together at the Remembrance Day service on Nov. 11 to honour those who have lost their lives in wars and conflicts, and those who are serving on the present day battlefield. Rev. Shirley Shouldice led the service, with members from the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 328, Northbrook and five members of the Royal Canadian Regiment based in Petawawa, standing alongside.Wreaths were laid at the foot of the cenotaph by Evelyn Petzold for Silver Cross Mother, Reeve Henry Hogg on behalf of Addington Highlands, Gary Malcolm of the Denbigh/Griffith Lions Club, Dave Harcourt on behalf of Scott Reid and Randy Hillier, Councilor Lehnhardt from the Township of Greater Madawaska, Mayor Maguire from the Township of North Frontenac, as well as Dave Blasko honouring peacekeepers, Frank Matacheskie and Gordon Wood on behalf of veterans and the Queen, and one by a corporal from the RCR for those in the current conflict. Members of the crowd participated in the ceremony by depositing the poppies from their lapels onto a special display beside the wreathes.A light lunch followed the service and special thanks to those that prepared the refreshments.

North Addington RemembersKatie Ohlke / Jory Bolton

Photo: The Cadets who attend North Addington Education Centre.

Forty four soldiers from the 8th Platoon, Charles Company, 1st Royal Canadian Regiment based out of Petawawa attended the North Addington Education Centre Remembrance Day assembly on Tuesday. Many are already veterans from the war in Afghanistan and many are about to be deployed again or for the first time. The assembly, which involved Kindergarten students to Grade 12, staff and community members, featured many creative and heartfelt demonstrations, in honour of the veterans and service people both in attendance and in the thoughts of those watching and participating.

Lieutenant Brogen, Charles Company commander, shared his thoughts with the audience, “Many young people think about how war affects them and have a hard time connecting. What I have come to realize, after listening to the stories of my father and grandfather and serving in the military myself; we have youth in common. It is the young men and women, not much older then some of you here today, who have been and are serving in wars. Many of the soldiers here today are Afghanistan veterans.”

Grade 9 student, Dallas Arney performed an original song that she wrote about soldiers and performed it with renowned Canadian guitarist Steve Piticco. A short film was shown and the Junior Choir sang. Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae’s famous poem, “In Flanders Fields,” was recited in English and French, as well as some recitations by the School-to-Community classes. Principal Frank Smida was very proud of his school, “This is the first time in three years that I have been able to attend a North Addington Remembrance Day assembly, and I can see why many community members come to this presentation. The dedication and support of the students, staff and community really drive home what a caring school this is. To have the soldiers attend this event, for the second year is simply wonderful. I am so proud of North Addington.”

After the ceremony, the soldiers sat down with the students and had lunch in the cafeteria. Students had a chance to talk to the soldiers and ask them questions. After eating, some of the men even joined in a game of pick up volleyball in the gym with the students. “They really aren’t much older then we are,” remarked a senior student, “I think that is amazing that they are willing to make such a sacrifice [by going to Afghanistan].” Erik, a soldier with Charles Company felt that the assembly was well done, “[NAEC] put a lot of effort into this assembly, it was well done.”

The character trait for November at North Addington is “Courage”, and students demonstrated a deep respect and appreciation for those young men and women who demonstrate courage on a daily basis.

Vice Principal, Angela Salmond said, “Again and again I feel so proud to be a part of NAEC. At times I felt my eyes fill with tears as I watched and listened to our students show their respect. After the ceremony I watched the interactions as our students made our visitors feel a part of the NAEC community. One Primary student told me with great pride that he was eating lunch with a real soldier while some secondary students laughed with the young soldiers at the volleyball antics in the gym. I toured a small group of young men around the school answering their questions about our school and our community. Normally we think of Remembrance Day as a day to remember the past—although that was certainly the case, it also showed the hope we have for the future as we learn from and with each other.”

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