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Christmas 2008 - A Long Short Story

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Cast of "A Long Short Story" Corwin and Adrienne Sabourin, Connie and Pastor Will Kellar and Wendy McMahon

Will Keller, lead pastor at Harrowsmith’s Free Methodist Church, was happy to be able to present two more performances of the drama “A Long Short Story” to members of the church and the community this past weekend. The drama was presented at Easter earlier this year and was so well received that Keller decided to present it again.

Keller came across the drama on the Willow Creek Community Church’s website and he liked the story. The play has been adapted to fit the Harrowsmith church and the community.

Basically the drama is a quick, comical and modern summation of the Bible story. It moves very quickly and there are a lot of one-liners and timely jokes that kept the audience amused last Saturday night (December 13) in Harrowsmith.

The four actors, Pastor Keller, his wife Connie, Corwin and Adrienne Sabourin played multiple roles with the help of single prop costumes.

The action mostly took place in front of a backdrop. Behind the backdrop was Wendy McMahon, who ensured that the 170 props that were used in the production all made their appearance at the right time and in the right place.

Adrienne Sabourin narrated the story beautifully and the other three actors were animated throughout and stayed very much in sync with one another, which is a big part of the play. Plainly put, there was never a dull moment.

The players have been rehearsing the show on and off every week since the fall and their hard work definitely shows in the show‘s smooth running at break neck speed. Pastor Keller admits “We really enjoy doing it and the play never feels old.”

The free drama was sandwiched in-between two free Christmas dinner buffets that were also offered to members of the church and community and prepared off site by volunteers on the night of the performance.

Others who helped with the performance included Jim Buffet who did the sound, Brian Young who did the lighting and Alan Mills who contributed the artwork,

Credit goes to Keller and his crew and their accomplished performance that is both educational and enjoyable for all ages. If you didn’t get a chance to see it this time around, we can hope that it will return sometime again in the near future.

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