| Dec 04, 2008

Dec 4/08 - Limestone Learning Grants

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Feature Article - December 4, 2008 Limestone Learning Foundation divvies up grants to rural schools.By Jeff Green

By Jeff Green

Rural schools received a good share of the Limestone Learning Foundation grants that were announced this week.

Of the $31,000 in grants that were announced, $2,000 went to a joint project between Loughborough Public School and Sydenham High School called “212 Degrees - One Extra Degree of Training”.

The project is described as a “creative way for elementary and secondary students to learn about healthy lifestyles, self image and the importance of life-long wellness. The program will use a number of strategies, including the production of an instructional video, to create a system of healthy role models for all participants. This project will also be extended to five other elementary schools in the area.”

Another $1,573 grant went to Sharbot Lake High School (SLHS) for “What's growing” a vegetable garden project. Wade Leonard, the school to community class teacher at SLHS, came up with the idea for the project. It involves building three or four raised bed garden plots near the school parking lot, and planting a vegetable garden in the spring.

“Some of the money will be used to purchase tools that are specifically designed to accommodate the special needs of the school to community students,” said Leonard.

The project will fit into the nutrition, springtime seasonal and mathematics programming that Leonard takes his students through, and will tie onto another new initiative at the school, worm composting. This year worms are being used to help transform food waste at the school cafeteria into useable compost, which will be used to fertilize the gardens.

“One piece that we have to work out is the summer, and for that we are looking for individuals or community groups to come forward and commit to maintaining the garden through July and August when the school is closed,” said Leonard. Anyone who would like to take part in this project is encouraged to call 613-279-2131.

North Addington Education Centre (NAEC) will be receiving its third Limestone Learning Foundation Grant for its canoe building project.

The project is called “A link to our Past” and this year $600 will be used to purchase paddle kits from Red Tale Paddles of Campbellford. As the junior students (grades 6-8) complete the construction of a cedar strip canoe that was started last year, each student will also be making their own paddle. The official boat launch should take place next spring, and the students will get the chance to dip their paddles into the water.

One other grant has a local connection. The Golf in the Schools program ($2,800), will be active in many schools throughout the board, including NAEC.

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