| Dec 04, 2008

Dec 4/08 - AH Community Builder Award

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Feature Article - December 4, 2008 Addington Highlands Community Builder Awardby Angela Bright

Werner Lips was somewhat surprised Saturday night at the Addington Highlands Christmas banquet when he was presented with the Community Builder Award for 2008. Those who live here and in the surrounding area know how deserving Mr. Lips is of receiving this distinction, and it is something that was destined to happen. The Swiss Inn is celebrating 40 years in business, though when Mr. and Mrs. Lips moved into the area and purchased the restaurant, they surely had no idea how deeply involved they would become in the community or even how long they would stay. Mr. Lips commented that at one time he was part of 19 different committees. Mrs. Lips, however, wisely suggested that he cut back at least somewhat. Congratulations to you, Werner and Martha, on the recognition of your service and dedication over the years to the community and its people.

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