| Dec 18, 2008

Dec 18/08 - Lions Present Cheques

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Feature Article - December 18, 2008 Sydenham Lions present chequesBy Julie Druker

Peter Stewart, Jim Stinson, Lion's Treasurer Wray Gillespie and Tracy Holland

On Monday night at the Sydenham Townhall the Sydenham and District Lions Club met for a potluck supper and a meeting and also to make their bi-annual cheque presentations to local community groups.

A total of three cheques were presented to various recipients all leaders of important programs that serve the community in a number of ways.

The first cheque for $500.00 was presented to Peter Stewart, Logistics C-coordinator of the Loughborough Christmas & Emergency Relief Fund that will be used for their Christmas Food Basket program.

The second cheque for $1000.00 was presented to Jim Stinson manager of the Frontenac Community Arena and will be put towards the debt incurred by their recent renovation project.

This is the second of three donations that the Lions have put aside to fund the arena project which included new and improved dressing rooms and washroom facilities.

Stinson thanked the group and mentioned that the Lions name is one of many on the new sign that hangs in the arena’s main foyer.

The third cheque for $500.00 was presented to Tracy Holland, president of the Frontenac Soccer Association, the second of two installments that went towards the purchasing of new portable nets to replace the older dysfunctional nets made from PVC piping and also the makeshift pylon nets both of which hindered the performance of the players and the flow of the games.

Holland pointed out that the new nets serve over 800 children from the Frontenac counties and directly result in the improvement of skills especially in the younger players.

Lions president Jim Kelly stated, “Being able to turnaround and present the fruits of our labour to those people in the community who are making a big difference for others is something that we all enjoy.”

The donated funds were raised at various events put on by the Lions throughout the year including their poinsettia and Easter chocolate sales along with the annual BBQ raffle that is held at Point Park in Sydenham on Canada Day.

The three cheque recipients present at the presentation were not the only ones reaping the rewards of the Lions fundraising efforts. Cheques were also sent out by mail to the University Hospitals Kingston Foundation, Lions Camp Dorset and Lions District A-3 Youth Outreach Program.

The Sydenham and District Lions group was founded 4 years ago and in that brief time they have donated over $12,600 to a wide range of community groups and organizations.

The Lions present cheques twice annually unless there are pressing urgent emergency funds needed by community groups or members at certain times during the year

The Sydenham and District Lions continue to honour their commitment to serving the community and their work continues to benefit many community members in and around the Sydenham area.

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