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Feature Article - FEbruary 1, 2007

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February 1, 2007

Citizen Clayton returns to Council (and other notes from North Frontenac Council) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- by Jeff Green

Mayor Ron Maguire did not exactly roll out the welcome mat for former councilor and mayoral candidate, Bud Clayton, who appeared before North Frontenac Council last week on behalf of Gail and Larry Tufford.

The Tuffords have been seasonal residents on the Head Road near Little Marble Lake for over 50 years, staying in cabins that are over 100 years old.

The land on which the cabins stand is a township road allowance, and the Tuffords have been leasing the land from the township all these years. In 1999, they signed a five-year lease which ran out in May of 2004.

Last summer, citing environmental and safety concerns, the township informed the Tuffords that they must vacate the land by May 1 of this year.


The major issue for the township appears to be the proximity of the cabins to the road, and the danger posed by the sightlines for vehicular traffic which comes from three different directions.

In his presentation, Bud Clayton asked council to reconsider its decision. He said that he “couldn’t find any official complaint about safety” and that a query with the Kaladar police detachment did not reveal any motor vehicle accidents at that location. He also noted that if the cabins are removed and the Tuffords leave, the location will become public domain, and there will be no way to stop people from using it for picnicking and swimming, thus increasing rather than eliminating any potential safety hazard.

Ron Maguire responded by telling Clayon, “You were a part of the council that, from a safety perspective, went through with this last year. You were part of it. This was classed as a safety hazard by staff. I will have staff look at it again, but I can tell you nothing has changed.”

“When can I expect an answer?” Bud Clayton asked.

“In two weeks,” Maguire replied.

2007 LOLTA map and experience planner – Terry Shea and Jo-Anne Cuddy from the Land O’ Lakes Tourist Association brought a supply of maps and planners for the township to hand out. Shea talked about the partnership that LOLTA has enjoyed with the township and outlined the organisation’s plans for the coming year.

Frontenac Accessibility Commitee – the township is seeking a resident who is willing to sit on the Frontenac Accessibility Advisory Committee. Mileage and a per diem will be paid, but the committee member must have some form of disability, such as diabetes or another condition.

Mileage rate – A survey of neighbouring municipalities and the federal government has led the township to up their mileage rate to $0.45 per kilometre, which is the same rate as is paid by Frontenac and LanarkCounties. The rate was last raised in 2005, from $0.35 to $0.42

On-site Wastewater Disposal System Inspection Program – Under this program, which used to be called a septic re-inspection program, 102 properties were inspected on four lakes: Kash, Marble, Mazinaw and Big Gull. The program was hindered somewhat, according to a report prepared by Jamie Saunders, by the fact that the township was unable to send out advance questionnaires to property owners whose properties were to be inspected, because of staffing changes at the township. Nontheless, the inspection revealed that “the condition of the on-site wastewater treatment systems for shoreline properties in North Frontenac was fairly good.”

About 15% of the properties inspected had issues that were of serious concern to the inspectors. The most serious problems seem to be at KashLake. After inspecting 102 properties over two years, inspectors have found 10 systems that are too close to the water, 7 that have tanks in poor condition, 6 with excessive plant growth, 6 with surface discharge, and three with roots in the septic tank.

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