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Januay 11, 2007



Thanks Homesense

As the teacher for the grade 4/5 class at Hinchinbrooke PS,I would sincerely like tothank The Homesense Storeat the Rio Can Mall in Kingston. Through their unexpected generosity, theydonated two mugs for each of my 26 students, plus candy and decorations so that each child would have gifts for their parents. They have offered to donate other items also. I would suggest to your readers to help us return their generosity by shoppingin the Homesense Store.

Secondly, we have an amazing mom who supports our class by adding so much to ourlearning and fun! Mrs. Julie Goodfellow is absolutelywonderful. She bringsthestudents treats, learning aids for our subjects, she fundraises forour activities and is always available to lend a hand (or a finger -- inside joke!) Every class would be envious of us if they knew all the things shehas donefor us! Many thanks, Julie.

- Debbie Jones, teacher

The Bull Moose


In the October 12, 2006 issue of the Frontenac News we have a photo of Harold and Neil proudly posing with a moose rack, apparently taken two weeks previous. There was no season before October 12 in the area. The AAFNA does not have a hunting agreement with the MNR.

At this point the article stops. I’m curious, did Harold and Neil get a fine? Were their guns taken away? Or are they in jail?

Apparently the native community is going to push all the buttons - build wherever; hunt and fish whenever - that will be next I’m sure.

Be careful, this could be the beginning of an Oka and Caledonia. I’m not 76 or 86 and not native. I do know where there are some moose. Maybe I’ll go hunting, maybe I’ll send you a photo.

There are people out there deliberately adding fuel to this fire and a lot of stupid people watching the pot boil over.

Dennis Hannah

Re: Zealand Road by Jean Lewis

I’ve been a rural mail courier for over four years now in the Maberly area. While most of the roads I travel are in the LanarkTownship area, I do cover some of Central Frontenac.

I have never seen the Central Frontenac roads in a sorrier state than in the last few months. After repairs to struts, ball joints etc. etc. (the list goes on and on) I sometime feel compelled to send all the bills to the township office!

Canada Post pays RSMCs a limited amount each month for vehicle expenses but when you have to constantly have your vehicle in for repair at over $80 an hour labour, plus the cost of the parts, the figure paid back to us just does not compare. I know the residents are in the same predicament, as I am one of them. I live close to Jean but usually I head to work in the opposite direction so that I can enter a different township first. Even though I have run into situations in LanarkTownship, they seem to be resolved in a timely manner.

The weather was beautiful for such a long time and I thought I would see a grader on one of the most terrible roads of my route. It’s been a mess for months. I really feel for the residents. This particular road has not been touched for months. Some people may think that if we don’t like the roads around here, well, we should find another place to settle. How sad is that? No one would live here at all! Most of this area is farming. We need farming, families (young and old), businesses and folks like Jean to speak out and let everyone know what’s happening in our little parts of the township.

Kudos to Art Teal and Frank White for lending a hand, but Jean is right -- they’ll see no compensation. Seems that Bob Pollard had the same problem several years ago when he took it into his own hands to help out and grade part of Brewer Road. If I remember correctly, he was actually reprimanded for his efforts.

All I really have to say is, “Shame on this township!”

Well, I’ve said my piece and I hope others will voice their opinions, whatever they might be, via this newspaper---the mainstay of our community!

- Carole Cannon

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