| Mar 29, 2007

Feature Article - March 29, 2007

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Feature Article - March 29, 2007

Controversy over Canadian flagby Brad Flear

In what may likely be considered the most contentious session of federal parliament in the last 30 years, the colour of the Canadian flag was changed from red to blue. Otherwise the structure of the flag remains unchanged! According to an anonymous government source, the colour scheme of the Canadian flag had never been properly trademarked in 1965 when the maple leaf replaced the Red Ensign. Before the government could react,


In a finger pointing session in parliament, one part accused the other of partisan politics by choosing the colour blue. In retaliation the official opposition by stating that if the colour red had been properly trademarked in the beginning none of this would have happened. Another suggestion was that the maple leaf be replaced with the fleur de lis, which was promptly shot down, and no one wanted an orange and black flag. In a close vote with party divisions on all sides the colour of the flag passed in a recorded vote by a small margin. There will be an upcoming announcement regarding an exchange program for existing flags. After April 1, 2007, anyone flying the red maple leaf will be liable for any costs involved.

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