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Feature Article - March 15, 2007

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Feature Article - March 15, 2007

Seasonal employment workers eligible for Habitat homes

Potential buyers of Habitat Homes throughout Prince Edward Hastings Habitat for Humanity’s jurisdiction, including this year a part of Lennox and Addington around the Flinton area, now have a greater financial opportunity to qualify.

After consultations with Habitat Canada and various Habitat Affiliates across the country, the local affiliate passed a resolution on March 8 to consider seasonal employment and EI benefits as part of the family selection process for those wishing to apply for a Habitat home.

A single family, ranch style bungalow will be built on a 1.15 acre lot just outside of Flinton this summer, thanks to the generosity of Chisholm’s (Roslin) Lumber, celebrating 150 years as a family-owned company this year.

The Affiliate’s Family Selection Committee has been meeting to review a number of applications received to date but no cut-off date has been set to receive applications.

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“People wishing to apply for the Flinton Habitat home should call 613-969-1415 and leave their name and number, which will be passed on to me. I will return your call promptly. Also, check out our web site at www.habitatpeh.org for more information,” said Family Selection Chair, Bonnie Dobson.

The resolution passed on March 8 reads: “A family whose employment is seasonal and who then qualifies to collect Employment Insurance shall be considered for homeownership if they have a history of seasonal work and EI eligibility for 3 – 5 years depending on other indications of stability, such as continued residency in the area and reasons for change of employer.”

“The Prince Edward-Hastings Habitat for Humanity Affiliate’s goal is to provide as many homes for as many low income members of our community as possible and this adjustment to the eligibility policy will help us do that,” said Affiliate president, Karel Vanek.

“The policy sets a precedent for all Habitat Affiliates and if adopted elsewhere can help seasonally employed families all over Canada,” he added.

Under the Habitat program, Habitat built homes are sold to low income first-time home buyers with a zero per cent mortgage and no down payment. Each home buyer is required to help build their home along with Habitat volunteers and professionals.

To volunteer for the Flinton Habitat home build project this summer, contact Ruth Peck, Flinton Build Committee Chair at 613-336-8915.

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