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Feature Article - March 1, 2007

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Feature Article - March 1, 2007

New 5 year plan for CFCSC

Each year Central Frontenac Community Services develops an annual plan to address service gaps in our area. In addition to the annual plan, 2007 is the final year of our Five Year Plan. Over the course of this year, CFCSC will accumulate information to develop its next Five Year Plan.

During the development of our Five Year Plan for 2003 to 2008, CFCSC was cautioned to try not to be all things to all people. This advice was taken to heart and CFCSC has found success on many occasions to have out-of-area providers offer services from our centre. Local access to services helps area residents of all ages be independent while being supported by their rural community.

All CFCSC members (individual, family or corporate), peer organizations, church groups, social clubs, funders and municipalities are requested to let us know what services they see as needed in our area. All clients are asked to let us know what services they have difficulty accessing in our area.


If you would be willing to work with us on the development of the 2008-2013 plan or can identify community needs or have statistical information that you can provide to help us work towards establishing new services, please contact Beth Freeland at 613-376-6477.

Step into fitness

The Public Health Unit has offered to run a "Step into Fitness" program two hours a week for four weeks beginning Wednesday, March 14. The program, from 9:30 - 11:30, includes a walk using a pedometer, discussion about healthy eating and a healthy low fat snack. The cost is $20. If you would like to participate in this worthwhile program, please call and register at the Rural VISIONS Centre (613-376-6477). It is important that you sign up as soon as possible because we must have at least 10 people in order to run the program.

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