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Feature Article - March 1, 2007

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Feature Article - March 1, 2007

Fun at the Tichborne Rink

A great day of outdoor activities took place at the Tichborne Outdoor Rink on Sunday, winding up Central Frontenac’s First Annual Heritage Festival. The events were well attended and extremely popular as over 150 people took part, either as participants or spectators.

Events took place on and off the ice. Owing to the unexpected flood of participants, the start time of each event was somewhat delayed. Competitors ranged from three years old to seventy years young. Except for the men’s “Tug-of-War” challenge all events were of mixed gender. A total of seven non-skilled events were up for challenge. Each event was broken up into different age categories so there were a lot of winners. Each child, up to grade eight, was given a package of “yummies” just for participating in an event and a coupon for a soft drink or anything from the BBQ as a prize for winning an event. Thanks to the BBQ chefs for keeping up to the demand.


The final event was the men challenging the women to a “One-Pull Sudden Death Tug-of-War”. The victory cheer could be heard far and wide when the red flag crossed the finish line. It was not a proud moment when the children watched their fathers go down to defeat. The dads’ humble excuse was that the women had more on their team. The truth is: yes they did, but not that many more. In the children’s “Tug-of War” challenge the competitors put on an awesome display of effort and tenacity. The pull lasted over four minutes, which thoroughly delighted the many parents and grand parents. The 16 years and over pull was also a well-fought battle, this time delighting us younger spectators. Everyone had fun and was thoroughly entertained.

On behalf of the District Four Recreational Committee, who organized and performed the duties required, we wish to thank the municipality who provided much needed support at the last minute and all who visited and participated. The day was a tremendous success.

We were so encouraged by the community’s response that we would be delighted to do it all again next year. As Chairman of District Four Recreation Committee, I am grateful to all of the members of the Committee for their superb efforts in making sure this day of fun enjoyable to all. Bob Teal

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