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Feature Article - April 5, 2007

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Feature Article - April 5, 2007

Addington Highlands Councilby Jeff Green

HUGHES LANDING ROAD – Gordon McCulloch, a resident of Hughes Landing Road, was accompanied by about 10 neighbours as he appeared before council to present some written questions about the extent of planned repairs to the road.

He congratulated council on the receipt of a grant to re-build the Skootamatta and Hughes Landing Road intersection, but wanted to know if the grant will affect the township’s commitment to repair the four-kilometre stretch of Hughes Landings Road that ends at the Skootamatta bridge. He also wanted to know about the township’s commitment to fix the Hughes Landing and Sheldrake Lake Roads on the far side of the bridge, where, he said, “most of the 31 permanent residents live.”

“We don’t expect a response today,” McCulloch added, “but we would like to hear back sometime in the near future.”


“There is work needed on many roads within the township,” said Reeve Henry Hogg with a smile. “I thank you for your written questions and we’ll get back to you.”

In terms of the $900,000 Rural Initiative grant, council decided to refer the matter to the 2007 budget process, which gets under way next Tuesday at 1 pm in Flinton, in order to develop budget plans and guidelines.

HABITAT FOR HUMANITY – Ruth Peck requested that council waive whatever fees they could for the Flinton Habitat for Humanity build. “Many other communities have done the same for other Habitat projects,” Peck said, “and it would make a real difference to the project here if Addington Highlands Council could see fit to do the same.”

A motion was proposed whereby building and plumbing fees would be waived for the project. It was approved without dissent.

CANADA DAY FIREWORKS – Alex Chisholm from the Land o’ Lakes Lions Club gave a similar presentation to one brought earlier to North Frontenac Council concerning plans to bring a fireworks display to Mazinaw Lake on June 30th this year.

“At our voluntary tolls on the Canada Day weekend, the most frequently asked question is ‘Where is the beer store?’; but the second most frequently asked question is ‘Where will there be a fireworks display?’”

As the Lions move forward with their plans, they are requesting a $1,500 sponsorship from Addington Highlands towards the cost of the display.

The matter was referred to budget deliberations.

COUNCILOR PAY – The reeve will be paid $18,000 per year, the deputy reeve $15,000, and councilors $10,000 after council approved changes to the procedural bylaw.

GRADING UNDERWAY in south, not yet in the north – Roads Superintendent Royce Rosenblath reports that grading has been taking place on roads in the south end of the township as mud replaces ice on many of the gravel roads. In the Denbigh region, there is still too much frost in the ground to do any grading. “You can’t get a grader on any of those roads in the Denbigh region until late April, and you don’t do much good until May,” he said.

SENIORS OF THE YEAR – If council informs the Ontario Minister Responsible for Seniors of their selection for Senior of the Year by the end of April, the ministry will present a certificate of appreciation to that person. This information has just come to council, and it was decided that an attempt should be made to accommodate the deadline.

Accordingly, members of the public are requested to contact the township office by Monday if they know of a suitable candidate. So, if you know a senior that has been an active volunteer in the township, let the office or your local councilor know as soon as possible.

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