| Apr 05, 2007

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Feature Article - April 5, 2007

Letters to the Editor

Fix our roads

I hate to be a NAG, but I cannot keep my tongue in my pocket any longer. OUR ROADS AREAPPALLING!!!!!I did not know that it was a requirement to have to wear a sports bra to drive on our side roads.I have had enough! And I hear they want another tax increase? You have to be kidding... for WHAT?


During the winter I have had to be driven outTryon Road3.5km. on a 4x4 to get to my daughter’scar waiting at the end of the road to be able to get to the hospital for surgery, because the roads weren't sanded. (She had to be driven in from the highway after work the night before, because she couldn't getin.)Then only to come homelater that day to find the road still not done. I have been taken out by ambulance in excruciating pain when every hole, bump, and hill sent me to the moon; the drivers didn't like it either. And now after another surgery, it is still a very painful ride! I am not looking for pity for all my pain, but come on...

Willsomeone please tell me...what are they doing?Do we even have a road crew? Yes, I realize the spring thaw is happening, yes... it is raining, yes... it is messy this time of year, but no excuses, 12 months of the year, this township has the worst roads around!

They don't mind grading the roads during the summer when rain is in the forecast and it washes the roads away and all the work they did is gone. You guessed it, more ruts and potholes and washouts. (And yes, I do pay attention to when they get done.)

They sure have not had a lot of snow plowing THIS winter or sanding...surely they could at lease drop some of that excess sand over some of the big holes and large sections of potholes, or do a partial grading. They don't seem to mind doing partial grading in the summer rather than doing the whole road. It still uses up the same amount of gas to drive down any road, why not do the whole thing?

Maybe we should be looking to hire private contractors to maintain our roads year round. That way at least wemight have more control over what gets done, and if it doesn't, they don't get paid!

I know I am not the only one who is fed up with this problem, and more people need to open their mouths and be heard.Maybe we should all start sending the township all our car repair and wheel realignments bills for them to pay. How does this community ever expect to attract new people, new businesses, and tourism, and keep them here, when our roads look and feel like something out of the 16th century?

So come on, guys, get with the program...FIX OUR ROADS!

- Linda Drapeau

To the Community of ParhamOn the evening of March 27 my fianc and I found the Exhibit Hall at the Fair Ground had been broken into again. This is the third time this has happened since the end of the Parham Fair last year.

To date we have had the Exhibit Hall broken into three times, the office broken into at least once, electronic winches stolen and the poultry barn has been ransacked and much of the lumber destroyed. These things cost the Fair Board, its members and its sponsors money and time to repair. The loss and damages will most likely cost the fair board around $1,000. This, in turn, represents at least $1,000 lost towards events at the fair. I would like to point out to everyone that there is nothing of value left at the fair grounds after the fair is over.

I must add that for the volunteers and me it is very discouraging to see our hard work destroyed by a few individuals. These volunteers work very, very hard to establish a fair we can all be very proud of. Many of you may not realize that the work required to put on the Fair is done entirely by volunteers there are no paid staff. These volunteers, who also have full-time jobs and families, freely give many hours every month, not to mention in excess of 12 hours per day on Fair Weekend, to provide this community event.

We have reported the latest incident to the OPP for further investigation. I would ask that if you see any unusual activity at any of the Fair Ground buildings, it be reported to the proper authorities so further action can be taken.

- Phillip Smith, President Parham Agricultural Society

April Fools no jokeThe April 1st paper is classed as a joke, but lies are no joke. There are elderly people who read this paper and would like to believe what’s in it, but if the shut-ins can’t believe their local paper, what can they believe?

April is Easter month; do people ever put out a paper to show the true meaning of Easter? The fact is that lies are wrong and we teach our kids not to lie, then have a day for it. Is that telling our kids it’s ok to lie on that day?Jesus died to save us from our sins and lying is a sin, so why do people think April Fool’s Day is a joke. Will people ever stop and see things before it’s too late? Let’s celebrate Jesus’s life and let people see lying is from the devil and hell is no joke.

So Happy Easter.

- Maedine Knox

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