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Feature Article - April 5, 2007

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Feature Article - April 5, 2007

Is uranium mining a threat to our properties?by JohnKittle

Last year, you may have noticed disturbing news reports in the media about uranium prospecting in Eastern Ontario. As prospectors moved in and “staked” claims on both Crown and private properties, cottage and homeowners became very upset about the impact of mining on their lakes and watersheds and property values. The appearance of prospectors on the scene was seen as the “tip of the iceberg”.

This year, you should know that there has been a marked increase in similar prospecting activity in parts of North & Central Frontenac, Lanark and other townships. Stakes have been made by prospectors near Crotch Lake! In addition, a number of privately owned properties have already been staked in the vicinity of Ompah, Lavant, Snow Road, Oso and Olden. We believe uranium again is the main target.


We are concerned that large mining operations could present a significant threat to the environment of the headwaters of the Mississippi River and watersheds. This has the potential to be a real threat to the environment and our property values. For those of us who do not own the “mineral rights” to our properties, the Mining Act of Ontario allows a mining company to come onto your property, stake a claim, and develop and conduct mining operations … without your permission!

If you want to find out more, and possibly help us lead the charge against commercial uranium mining development, come to the Snow Road Snowmobile Club on the Gemmill Road on Friday, April 6 at 10AM. Guest experts will give us short presentations and will be available to answer your questions. Please join us.

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