| Jun 28, 2007

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Feature Article - June 28, 2007

Central Frontenac Council

by JeffGreen

HERITAGE FESTIVAL GETS ITS OWN COMMITTEE Tom Dewey addressed council with what he thought would be a simple housekeeping matter when he requested that the Heritage Festival be separated from the Economic Development Committee.

The Heritage Festival was put on for the first time this past February, with most of the events taking place in Sharbot Lake. Tom Dewey said that the organizers for the event plan to attract volunteers who will bring the event to other parts of the township, but feels encumbered by being tied to the Economic Development Committee, which has a broader agenda.


Councilor Frances Smith expressed concern about setting up a township committee for a single event. “I think I could live with an events committee, but I fear that if we accept this we will set a precedent and we may end up with committees for every single event,” she said.

Councilor Philip Smith said, “The Parham Fair and the Festival of Trees do quite well and they have no relationship to the township.”

Mayor Janet Gutowski said that the Heritage Festival was able to get up and running quickly because it could “apply for grants and access insurance easily because of the relationship with the township. To become independent would slow the momentum of the event.”

Although Smith and Smith remained opposed, the proposal to set up a Heritage Festival Committee received the support of the other councilors. Terms of reference and a bylaw will be prepared for the next council meeting.

ELBOW LAKE TRANSFER STATION Jon Morish from the Ministry of the Environment has received the township’s request to turn the Elbow Lake dump site (south of Parham on Road 38) into a transfer station while the township attempts to expand the site, which has reached the capacity of the land now designated for it. He recommends that the township prepare an application for a transfer station by the end of July. It will take 6 9 months, or perhaps as long as a year, for the transfer station to be approved by the Ministry, Morish has informed interim CAO John DuChene.

ARDEN ROAD RESURFACING The township received a tender of $166,000 for the resurfacing of part of the Arden road, and an extra $40,000 to repair a faulty section of the road that had been paved last year without being properly prepared for paving.

The township had budgeted $165,000 for the project. Although Bryon Dawn of the Public Works Department recommended that only the first part of the job be done in order to remain within budget, he also said, “The other part of the road is breaking up due to logs from the existing corduroy road pushing up through the surface treatment. This will increase maintenance costs and it will eventually have to be repaired anyway, at a potentially higher cost.”

“I think we should repair the road properly, since it is a major access road to another township,” said Kennebec councillor Gary Smith.

Bryon Dawn said that there have been savings in other parts of the public works budget, which can cover most of the extra $40,000.

“I’m ready if the Kennebec councilors will sign a little treaty that they will not ask for more road construction for 5 years, so other parts of the township can get caught up,” said Oso Councilor Frances Smith.

Council approved the two contracts, and for the second time in the meeting councilors Frances and Philip Smith (no relation) cast the only opposing votes.

WAGNER ROAD GARAGE In a hint as to how large a police contingent is coming into the area for the planned Algonquin events in North Frontenac scheduled for tomorrow, CAO DuChene informed council that he has been approached by the OPP about the use of the abandoned garage at Wagner Road for office space over the next few days, weeks, or months.

Council agreed to let the OPP use the space.

DONATION OF TRUCKS Council is donating a 1967 fire truck to Circle Square Ranch, which they were unable to sell earlier this year when they advertised surplus equipment, and which Fire Chief Mark MacDonald said has no monetary value. The truck will be fixed up and used to water the grounds and as a historical artefact for the campers to enjoy. A second vehicle, an old van and chassis that was originally purchased for $1,000 several years ago as a first response van for the Olden department, is being donated to a volunteer fire department in the Palmer Rapids area. The van has no monetary value to the township.

BURN BARREL DEBATE TO GET ITS DAY In response to the fourth letter fro Heather O’Reilly in the past two years, council has decided to hold a public meeting on August 9, at 7 pm in the Mountain Grove Hall to discuss the pros and cons of burn barrels. Burn barrels are not permitted in Lennox and Addington and parts of Lanark Counties because of the potential for pollution from low temperature burning and the burying of inappropriate materials. ■

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