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Feature Article - March 8, 2007

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Feature Article - June 21, 2007

North Frontenac Council – June 14, 2007

by Jeff Green

Pioneer Museum – Marg Axford of the Cloyne and District Historical Society made what has become an annual visit to update council on the museum’s progress and invite councillors to attend the opening day of the museum on June 23rd.

Mayor Maguire confirmed that council would be donating $500 towards the museum this year. Marg Axford thanked council, and talked about the museum’s need for space.

“We are probably going to be looking towards building what people call a drive shed in the next couple of years,” she said.

As well, the popular local historical book, Unto These Hills, published in 1978, is out of print for the third time, and the museum is planning to put out a new edition. “Any book that reaches its fourth edition is something of a Canadian best seller,” Axford said.


More on Pine Lake – Deputy Mayor Jim Beam asked that an agenda item on revisiting council’s resolution not to support a grant application from the Ardoch Algonquin First Nation (AAFNA) be brought forward. The application was aimed at furthering their construction and programming plans at the Pine Lake boat launch. The resolution withholding support had been passed in early May, with councilors Olmstead, Cole, Watkins, and deputy Mayor Beam supporting it.

“I was asked to bring this forward,” said Beam.

“Have you reconsidered your position?” Mayor Maguire asked Jim Beam.

“No,” Beam replied.

Maguire then asked the three councilors who had supported the motion whether they had reconsidered.

They all said no.

“Why would you bring this to the table if no one has changed their position? This is a total waste of council’s time,” Maguire said.

“I was asked by a resident to bring it forward and I brought it forward,” Beam replied.

“We don’t bring matters back because someone who disagrees with council’s decision asks us to unless we have a reason to. This is just rubbing salt in the wounds that are already there, and wasting council’s time,” Maguire said.

Later in the meeting, Maguire told council that he received a call earlier that day from Ministry of Natural Resources representatives from Bancroft informing him that the Environmental Assessment completed by the AAFNA in regards to development of Pow Wow grounds, the building of an arbour, and a parking lot on the site on the south side of Ardoch Road satisfies the MNR’s concerns. A letter of approval for that portion for the project is forthcoming from the MNR. The AAFNA has made it known they are planning to complete this work this summer, in time for their Pow Wow on Labour Day Weekend.

As well the MNR has undertaken their own Environmental Assessment concerning building a community centre and a parking lot on the other side of Ardoch Road.

Randy Malcolm invited to visit Council – A letter from Chief Randy Malcolm was passed on to council from the Chief Building Officer.

“I would like to start by saying that I am the elected Chief of the Ardoch Algonquin First Nation, ….. not to be confused with a splinter group known as AAFNA that broke away from the main community back in August of 2002,” Malcolm wrote.

In his letter he expressed concerns around the “project at Pine Lake that AAFNA is doing.” Malcolm says he is concerned about the implications of AAFNA not applying for permits. “This situation has gotten so bad over the last few months that our community is in the process of changing our name so as not to be confused with this group,” Malcolm wrote. He wondered why no one has asked members of his community to participate in meetings regarding Pine Lake.

Council decided to invite Randy Malcolm to address a cuncil meeting in the near future.

Fireworks – Council has decided to support the Lions Club fireworks on Mazinaw Lake with a $1,500 donation, and fireworks in Plevna with a $600 donation.

Twin Pines - Frontenac Shores Dave and Pat Storms from the Twin Pines Resort brought council an update on their resort development plans.

The Storms have been working for two years now on a plan to turn their resort into the first fractional ownership resort in eastern Ontario.

They plan to build up to 34 luxury log cabins, replacing trailer sites and existing cottages, and then sell five-week packages in the new cabins.

The development is split into two parts, one called Frontenac Shores, and the other Twin Pines.

After two years of planning, and numerous back and forth negotiations with the township, Dave and Pat Storms informed council that at a recent meeting with township staff, it was agreed that the development will commence on the Twin Pines portion, and a Site plan agreement should be ready for council’s approval by August 16, allowing the Storms to begin construction later this summer.

A demonstration cabin has already been built, and deputy Mayor Beam was scheduled to represent council at a ribbon cutting on June 16, since Mayor Maguire had to fulfill his duties as Frontenac County Warden that day.

Subsequent to the council meeting, Mayor Maguire sent a letter expressing his support for the project, and offering council’s support.

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