| Jun 14, 2007

Feature Article - March 8, 2007

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Feature Article - June 14, 2007

Quick fix: volunteers repair Sydenham Cemeteryby Wilma Kenny

"There are some great people living here,’ said South Frontenac Mayor Gary Davison of the many volunteers who turned up to help repair the recent vandalism in Sydenham graveyard, "It’s encouraging to have something positive come out of so much negative."

Early in the week, Davison had priced repair materials at Leeder Monuments in Gananoque: on Tuesday morning, he was puzzled to see a group of men he didn’t recognize apparently righting some of the gravestones. He investigated, and learned that Leeder Monuments had directed a work crew to Sydenham cemetery, "to do what they could." By Saturday morning when over 40 local volunteers arrived, much of the work had already been done, and they made quick work of what remained. Davison, a retired stonemason, is planning to continue to work on some of the oldest stones, which have been badly shattered, and reports a few may be beyond repair.

According to Davison, police have charged two juveniles in regard to the incident, and are following several more leads concerning others.


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