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Feature Article - 31, 2007

Creative Living workshops at Brooke Valley

submitted by Lynn McEvoy

Milking goats. Molding your face into a plaster mask. Writing songs and stories. Constructing a straw-bale building. Building a garden chair. Creating an animated story. Cooling down with yoga. Meditating in the woods…

It's day camp for adults - hands-on learning in our studios and eco-building sites in beautiful Brooke Valley, just west of Perth.

Thirty-two workshops for adults (and children) will be offered between Saturday July 14th and Friday July 20th. Most are just one or two days duration, but you are welcome to spend the whole week exploring your creative living skills.

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Our instructors are professionals in traditional arts and the art of living, offering topics such as straw-bale and energy-efficient housing, art (painting, mandalas, masks, personal shrine, kids crafts and knitting), pottery, singing and song-writing, bucket drumming, animation, fiction writing, building rustic cedar furniture, herb gardening, yoga, vision quest, homesteading and cedar strip canoe-building skills.

While these are all learning experiences, there is also an emphasis on relaxation and fun. Enjoy the peaceful countryside get away from your usual routine, use the other side of your brain!

Information on workshops, accommodations and meals is available at www.brookevalley.ca or at 613-267-6595.

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