| Jul 26, 2007

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Feature Article - July 26, 2007

Second DepotLake jam session

The third Second DepotLake Country/Bluegrass jam session was held July 15, with folks from Verona, Parham, Kingston, Oak Flats, Enterprise and as far away as Brampton, providing the music.

Performers were: Judy Albertson; Jessie; Brad Eves; Bryon Eves; Lyn McCullough; Cathy McCullough; Diane & Rudy; Brad Watt; Al McGillivray; Linda Faith; Harold Warren; Leo Dowling; Carl Rogers - Glass & quarter (great music maker!); Roy Shepherd.


Many thanks to Linda Faith and AlMcGillivrayfor taking time from their busy Bluegrass schedule to come and play. Also, to Brad Watt who plays guitar at Rideau Acres old time music sessions. Judy Albertson and Jessie Haddock sang a duet "I Walk the Line" by Johnny Cash, one of Jessie's favorites. Cathy McCullough provided the vocals while Lyn accompanied her on the guitar. Byron Eves, who has been delighting the audience during the previous weeks with his excellent instrumental work on his acoustic guitar, showed his musical versatility by playing his beautiful, black electric "Gretsch". Brad Eves, who plays guitar and sings, also played some fiddle tunes on his grandfather's violin.

At the fourth Second Depot Lake jam session held July 22, performers were: Roy Shepherd; Vivian Mattice; Red Brooks; Homer Card; Francis Savage; Lyn McCullough; Harold Warren; Gord Goodberry; Barry & Donna Mountenay; Merrill Hamilton; Maretta Adams; Joan Shepherd.

Many thanks to the folks who came to entertain the forty-plus folks that enjoyed the variety of music, from Old-Tyme Country to Bluegrass and Gospel, as well as Classical. Special thanks to Barry and Donna for stopping by and playing and singing for us, and to Red Brooks on the harmonica. Hope to see you all again.

Also, a big "thank you" to Maretta Adams for playing two beautiful pieces on the violin for us. It was lovely.

Remember to bring your chairs next Sunday from 1-4pm, spend an afternoon with others who share your love of music.

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