| Jul 19, 2007

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Feature Article - July 19, 2007

Cures and Concoctions

submitted by Jean Brown

Here are some old pioneerrecipes for concoctions and cures, and they are written froman original source, complete with spelling mistakes. Since Henderson United Church is celebratingthe past 100 years of serving God, and looking at history, I offer these old fashioned remedies - to read only.

To Cure Toothake - take a 1/2 Sheet of Brown Paper and twist it up like a lamp liter and place the small End in the Cavity in the tooth then Set the other End a fire and hold it in as long as Posibal.

Flux of Diarea: take Wheat flour and Parch it same as you would Coffee and mix it with Scalded milk is an Excellant thing.


Chough Reciept: take Strong vinegar 1 qt Put in a large mouth Bottle and Put in 3 hole Eggs not Breaking them and When the vinegar Eats them up then ad 1 pt Honey take a swallow When Ever you feel a tickling in your throat.

Cure For Canker Sore mouth: take an old Boot or Shoe Sole and Burn it and take the ashes and mix a little Honey With them Enough to make a Salve then Oint your mouth 3 or 4 times a day Sure Cure.

Another [canker sore]: take 10 drops of Creasoot in a glass of Watter and wash with throat 3 times a day.

Cure for Fresh Wounds - take some live coals on a shovel and Sprinkle Some Brown Sugar and let the Smoke go on the Sore Hold the Wound over the Smoke until it is Well Smoked & the Pain will leave very soon.

Piles - take Tobacco and Burn it then Take the ashes and Mix with Lard and oint the affected part.

Soar Throat - take 30 drops or teaspoons full of Creasoot put it in 1 pint of Watter wash the throat 3 or 4 times a day it wont hurt to swallow some

To Cure Earache - take a comon sized onion and roast it take the out side until the center will go in the Ear Slip it in the Ear as hot as posibal.

Rattlesnake Bite - Rub the wound full of Gunpowder and then Pour on a good Charge on the top of all and then Put fire to it and Burn it that will Cure it on all dum brutes.

Tobaco Antidote - take Genitan root a Small Piece and Chew and Swallow the juice takes away all the apetite for Tobacco.

Cure for Fevor and Ague - take a nutmeg grated fine and a Piece of alum the size of a nutmeg and Half a Pint of vinegar an Simmer until alum is desolved then drink when the Chill Comes.

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