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Feature Article - August 23, 2007

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Feature Article - August 30, 2007

Local boys race at BMX World Championships

by Meghan Balogh

Brodie and Blake Young have taken bike riding to a whole new level. The brothers are BMX bike racing enthusiasts. Brodie, the older, at 12, has been racing for three years, and 8-year-old Blake for two years. The boys live with their family in Wagarville, and regularly travel with parents Tony and Kelly to compete at racetracks in Milton, Chatham, Port Elgin, and some Quebec cities.

But the biggest competition for the Young brothers took place on July 26-29 at the UCI BMX 2007 World Championships in Victoria, British Columbia.

Over 2500 competitors traveled from 40 different countries to participate in the event, which was the last world-class BMX racing event before the sport makes its debut at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. The results from Victoria will line up a list of world rankings in the sport.


“It was a huge experience for the boys,” said mom Kelly. “There were over 60 12-year-olds and 50 eight-year-olds competing in their age divisions.” Though the boys didn’t win any of their races, they were proud to have had the chance to participate. Both Blake and Brodie are ranked number one in Ontario for their age groups, and have many big hopes and dreams for the future.

“I want to compete in the 2012 Olympics,” says Brodie confidently.

The boys have had the full support and encouragement of their parents and grandparents, and Lloyd and Fern Lee all along. The sport can be dangerous, but Kelly Young doesn’t let herself worry. “No broken bones yet, knock on wood,” she says with a smile.

Though the boys take the sport very seriously (“When you’re racing you have no friends,” said Blake of the competitiveness), BMX bike racing is something that anyone who wishes to can pick it up. Local tracks provide a family-friendly environment for youngsters to start out before heading on to bigger, more competitive races.

“And you don’t have to have expensive equipment to compete,” Dad Tony said. “His first year, Brodie rode a $20 bike that his grandfather put together for him.”

Blake and Brodie eagerly await to hear their world rankings after participating in the World Championships, and will continue to race away the rest of the summer.

For more information on BMX racing, or to get involved, visit www.kingstonbmx.com.

The boys raced on Saturday and Brodie took 1st place and Blake took 7th place. They raced again on Sunday and Brodie took 1st place and Blake took 3rd place.

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