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Feature Article - July 12, 2007

Garrison Shores mess heading for a resolution?CFCouncil, July 9, 2007

byJeff Green

It’s been over 25 years since people began purchasing lots in a vacation property development at Garrison Lake in the former Kennebec Township.

The original developer is long gone, as are many of the original owners of lots. The lots that were purchased have never been legal, because they do not conform to legal definitions, and property owners have found over the years that they cannot sell their properties because they have never been able to get proper deeds.

In the 10 years since Central Frontenac was created, a succession of councils has attempted to normalize the Garrison Shores development, and after their meeting this week they might just be on the verge of accomplishing that task. But pitfalls remain.

A draft decision by the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH) called for two wording changes to a proposed Official Plan amendment dealing with Garrison Shores.


While the township’s planning consultant Glenn Tunnock agreed with one amendment the MMAH had proposed, he did not agree with the second. However, the MMAH has indicated they now accept Tunnock’s argument, and the Official Plan amendment seems to have their blessing.

“At your meeting next month, you will have a zoning bylaw amendment before you, which, if approved, will allow this to proceed to the county for the condominium approval process to begin, and the members of the Garrison Shores Association should have their deeds by next year,” Tunnock said. “The zoning bylaw amendment you will see next month will be the most detailed you will ever see,” he added.

So, it seems everybody is happy. Except for Jeff Dubois.

Dubois owns a vacation property at Garrison Shores, and he has been a vocal critique of the proposed solution, an opinion he expressed once again to council this week. Chief among his complaints is the fact that some of the lots at Garrison shores will now include the waterfront, which he argues should have been held in common among the members of the association as it has been in the past.

Glenn Tunnock and Julian Walker, the lawyer for the Garrison Shores Property Owners Association, both said that the establishment of these lots is reasonable under the circumstances, and that access to the water is guaranteed for all property owners.

Dubois has indicated in the past that he is contemplating requesting an Ontario Municipal Board hearing on this matter, and at every stage in the process he has ensured that his contrary position has been presented to council, which is something the municipal board requires before it will order a hearing.

PORTABLE SKATEBOARD PARK – Lori Hamilton (youth co-ordinator) and Sue Leslie (Executive Director) from the Child Centre came to council with good news and a request. The Child Centre has received a $39,687 grant form the Ministry of Health Promotion for a youth initiative. Of that grant, $12,150 is for equipment.

The intention is to purchase a portable skateboard park, to be shared by communities in Central and North Frontenac. “We are looking for the townships to transport the equipment from community to community, provide a place to store the equipment in the off season, and provide insurance,” Lori Hamilton said.

Councilors wanted to know where the park is to be located.

“We are planning to leave it in each community or two weeks,” Hamilton said, “We were thinking of putting it in Plevna for two weeks, and in Arden where there have been problems with youth, and in Sharbot Lake.”

Councilors from Hinchinbrooke and Olden wondered about Parham and Mountain Grove, and Lori Hamilton said that could be done next year.

In the end, council agreed to do what was requested of them.

Resignations from Rec. Committee – Michelle Greenstreet, Ann Howes and Dave Willis all tendered their resignations to the Oso District Rec. Committee. In her resignation letter, Michelele Greenstreet, who has been chairing the committee, wrote, in part, “in my years on the committee I was hoping to see the four districts merge into one and start working together as a whole community. However, with the lack of concern and support of council I feel I am wasting my time on goals toward recreation in this community.”

In her letter, Ann Howes wrote that her volunteer hours have moved in a different direction. She also wrote, “I am also disappointed in the new council, as far as their lack of commitment to helping out numerous volunteers who sit on these rec. committees.”

The verbal resignation from Dave Willis, as well as the written ones from Ann Howes and Michelle Greenstreet, were deferred until the September meeting of the committee, on the urging of Frances Smith, the councilor assigned to the committee.

In an additional note to the minutes of the June 27th meeting of the committee, Frances Smith wrote that the committee is not interested in putting on next year’s Canada Day celebration. “Everyone is tired and frustrated and will take a break in 2008. If another recreation committee would like to take it on, great, if not, then it appears that a celebration may not happen.”

The council meeting ended before the letters and minutes were considered, and they were deferred until next month.

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