| Aug 16, 2007

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Feature Article - August 16, 2007

Parish of Loughborough 170 years old

The Anglican parish of Loughborough is 170 years old. To celebrate this event a special service will be held on Sunday, 9 September at 10 a.m.

Soon after settlers moved into the Sydenham Lake area in the 1830s, the people organized a time for church services. St. Paul's was built in the 1850s, near where the cemetery is today. That building was moved limestone by limestone to the present location on Mill Street in Sydenham. Here, the church has remained as a symbol of faith witnessing to an ever-changing community.


The parish of Loughborough has been providing services and pastoral care for the people of South and Central Frontenac. Until 2005 there were two other churches located in Harrowsmith and in Verona. Anglican services were held in Harrowsmith as early as 1870 at the school house. St. Peter's Church was built and consecrated by 1903. St. Martins-in-the-Fields was consecrated in 1960 in Verona but Anglican worship had been carried out in the village from about 1929. The three congregations were consolidated in 2005 with the place of worship designated to be St. Paul's in Sydenham.

This year St. Paul's has been undergoing repairs, refurbishing and updating. An access ramp has been built to make it easier for elders and handicapped persons to attend worship. The interior has been repaired and painted, this work being mainly done by Dan Bryant of Ryan's Dry Wall Contractor. Dan lives in Godfrey. New carpets are installed and the chancel (east end) window has been restored. During the next three years further work will be carried out to enhance this fine old building.

Church buildings are loved by their faithful members. The facilities are used for major needs by many in the surrounding community at times of marriage and death. At Christmas and Easter the church buildings are filled to capacity. It is interesting that in our secular world, the majority of citizens in the area do not see the church presence as being of any significance. This secular apathy isresponsible for the closure ofmany church buildings, which are thensold to be made into residential homes or artists’ studios. The few remaining church buildings that are used for Christian worship and services need to be maintained. When these symbols of culture fall into disuse, society will be spiritually impoverished. St. Paul's and the parish of Loughborough intend to be present for a long time providing a spiritual presence to the people of the Frontenacs.

The Bishop of Ontario Diocese, The Right Reverend George Bruce, will be present on Sunday, September 9 at 10 a.m. to celebrate with the people the presence of St. Paul's as a continuing spiritual home.

Come and share in this special service

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