| Aug 02, 2007

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Feature Article - August 2, 2007

Bon Echo Art Exhibition and Sale

by MeghanBalogh

The Bon Echo Art Exhibition and Sale made for a busy corner of Bon Echo Provincial Park over the weekend. The grassy clearing, a short walk from Mazinaw Lake and with a full-view of beautiful Mazinaw Rock, housed several rows of well-stocked exhibitor tents.

Forty seven artists from Ontario, Quebec, and Connecticut met to display their masterpieces to the general public. Painting, stained glass, carving, photography, sculpting, pottery, and drawing were all represented, and all were obvious results of great care and skill.


This is the exhibition’s 12th year. It was founded in 1995 by Carla Miedema and Joan Lindy, both board members of Friends of Bon Echo Park. That first year saw 23 exhibitors, and as the art event grew the number has been limited to spaces for 50 artists.

This year has seen a rise in revenue and attendance for the artists. “Art sales went up from last year by 30 percent,” says Derek Maggs, executive director for the Friends of Bon Echo Park. “And according to the provincial park, day pass sales were up by 25 percent.” Ten percent of the revenue brought in by the artists goes to the Friends of Bon Echo Park, who organize, sponsor, and host the show.

Food, music, and children’s activities were on the schedule of events over the weekend. There were performances by three different music groups from Friday through Sunday. Ceramic crafts were set up for kids to try their hand at creating their own artwork, and on Saturday and Sunday “Sciensational Sssnakes” did educational programs with their collection of snakes, turtles, frogs and lizards.

For more information the Friends of Bon Echo Park, visit their website at www.mazinaw.on.ca/fobecho.

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