| Aug 02, 2007

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Feature Article - August 2, 2007

The power of volunteer groups

License to drill

The provincial Government’s granting a license to Frontenac Ventures Corporation to drill test cores on Crown Land while the Ardoch-Algonquin land claim is outstanding (being “negotiated” since 1991) is a classic example of bad faith in law.

Give away the store before anybody knows who owns it!

- Kay Cartwright Icelandic layover

It’s holiday time and lots of people are now wondering if we should fly anywhere. The figures of the damage to the environment if we fly by jet are sure shocking. Maybe “one step forward and two steps back” is not such a bad idea.


In the ’60s I often flew by Icelandic Airlines to and from Europe. I believe they had only a few planes and they were always booked full, long in advance.

That airline flew prop planes from NY to Reykjavik to Luxembourg. They didn’t carry a kitchen and did stop in Iceland to refuel while everyone went inside and had a nice meal.

My idea is to get some smart Canadians to build prop planes that can fly on Ethanol or some other clean fuel, seating about 200 people and able to use shortish runways, stopping in Gander or Greenland or Iceland. Iceland is a swell country to stop in for an hour or a month or whatever, and I’m sure Gander and Greenland could come up with something for tourism.

Seniors shouldn’t sit so long on a plane anyway and students would find it all interesting. Surely millions of people are not in a 400 mph jet hurry anyway.

Probably the airfares could be as reasonable as any, and I believe there are enough people who care about the environment now to keep a “green” airline busy.

- Carmel GowanTake the holder too

Tothe person or persons who took the rotating solar light from our lawn after 12:30 on the night of July26, we hope you enjoy it. It was a gift for our sixtieth Wedding Anniversary. If you need the holder it sits in, come to the house and I willgive it to you. You know where we live.

- Glen FoxRe:protest marches

I would like to commend the Frontenac News and Jeff Green in particular on their fair and unbiased account of the two controversial protest marches which have taken place in our town. In spite of that, I have heard grumblings amongst various groups of citizens here complaining about the "Indians" blockading the highways. Let's set the record straight for those who seem determined to blame the "Indians" for that brief inconvenience.

There were more non-natives marching in the protest than there were Natives. I know, because I was one of the protestors. We were all united in a common cause to prevent the development of a Uranium minein our area. Also it was the OPP who blockaded the roads for the safety of all concerned.

This is the 21st century and the 7th Fire according to Native Teaching. Surely people can let go of their prejudices and see things as they really are.

- Pamela Giroux

P.S. A special thank you to Lisa and her brothers who brought refreshments to the protestors despite many detours to get to the High School.

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