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Feature Article - September 13, 2007

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Feature Article - September 13, 2007

Bill Ducharme Receives CitationBy Jeff Green

Bill Ducharme presented with Govenor General's commendation by Mayor Janet Gutowski

Bill Ducharme was driving home to Sharbot Lake from Perth on Highway 7 with his wife and two grandchildren on a rainy November night almost 2 years ago, when they came upon a horrendous accident.

Along with another man, Dion Driscoll, Ducharme approached the largest piece of an overturned burning car to find the lifeless body of the driver inside. The two men then left to check on the driver of the truck that had struck the car, and found the driver was ok.

Then they noticed flames coming from the car, and they rushed back and dragged the body to safety before the vehicle burst into flames.

Bill Ducharme then left the scene to take his grandchildren home, leaving his name with another witness in case the police had any questions for him.


The police did take an interest in Bill Ducharme after that, not as a witness but as a hero. He received a commendation from the Attorney General of Ontario at an event in Lanark last year, and this past Monday he was presented with a commendation from the Governor General of Canada by Central Frontenac Mayor Janet Gutowski.

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