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Feature Article - September 13, 2007

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Feature Article - September 13, 2007

Abram's Brothers Concert at Trousdale'sby Wilma Kenny

Parham 9 of 1950Shortly after John Murphy became principal of SHS, I remember him congratulating the assembled students for a well-organized school dance. "Just one little thing," he added: "The music. I caught myself going to the door three times during the evening to whistle for my horse."

We didn’t get the joke. What other kind of music was there?

That deeply rooted appreciation of country music made the Abrams Brothers’ concert in Sydenham a rare treat last Sunday. This local group entertained a large and attentive audience with three hours of skilful picking, singing and fiddle-playing, all of it bluegrass country and gospel music, full of stories, laments and familiar tunes.


The concert was sponsored by Trousdale’s General Store. It’s the second year the centre of the village has been closed to traffic for a few hours and filled with folks on lawn chairs, eating hot dogs and clapping to the music. Many thanks to Ginny, John and the Abrams family for their end-of-summer gift to the community.

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