| Oct 11, 2007

Feature Article - October 11, 2007 Feature Article - October 11, 2007

Malcom Lake Landowners AssociationSubmitted by the Malcolm Lake Landowners Association

The MLLA has conducted a survey of their members and results conclude that 90% oppose and 10% approve mining initiatives in North Frontenac. The majority of MLLA members believe the proposed mining could have a negative impact on the environment. MLLA members also support the need for a moratorium on mining in environmentally sensitive and cottage/tourist areas alike.


According to Ron Higgins, MLLA President: “MLLA members already feel a negative impact on their property values and they also believe this negative impact will be exacerbated with mining related activities. Many members are also of the opinion that they are not, and will not, be duly compensated for any decreased value. That said, it should be noted that the primary reason for our stance is the risk potential for Uranium mining to ruin a sensitive and beautiful environment. This risk is something that would disrupt the healthy, quiet and peaceful lifestyle on Malcolm Lake. Our members feel strongly that not enough has been done to understand the impact on our health, the local infrastructure or the environment. With respect to current mineral laws, many of our members believe the intrusion on property owners is unfair and the law is antiquated. Many members argue Ontario should return subsurface rights to the property owners.”

The issue is very complex and MLLA members understand that Uranium mining need not pose an environmental risk – if done properly. However members of the MLLA are not confident this will be the case.

Ron Higgins adds, “We are now in position to make this public statement from an Association perspective and we encourage other associations to do the same. I want to add that MLLA members are in favour of identifying opportunities to bring more business into the area to promote tourism, improve the local economy and assist with reducing the burden of taxes on residential properties. Some responsible opportunities include businesses such as ski hills, ski trails, eco tourism, as well as other sports and entertainment that respect the environmental surroundings. Mining is not seen as a responsible option.”

The MLLA is currently in the process of developing an official lake plan that focuses on the wildlife and environment in and around our lake. They have also been aligning themselves with the Federation of Cottage Association and the Frontenac Environmental Partnership Organization. Members are determined in their efforts to ensure a healthy and safe environment exists well into the future so the next generation may enjoy the same quality of life they currently enjoy. The response of MLLA members allows them to provide full support to North Frontenac Council members for their recent statement asking for a moratorium on future mining activity.

Submitted by the Malcolm Lake Landowners Association

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