| Dec 13, 2007

Feature Article - December 13, 2007 Back toHome Feature Article - December 13, 2007 Kendra Wilson: Big Heart,big voice By Jule Koch Brison

Kendra (r) & mother Debra Wilson at Pine Meadow Nursing Home

For most 11-year-olds, the word fun has many meanings, and none of them would probably include spending time at nursing homes.

But for Kendra Wilson of Northbrook, that is one of her favourite things to do. Kendra is the daughter of Tony and Debra Wilson. Derba works at Pine Meadow Nursing Home, and since Kendra was about 8, she has been spending time at the home, bringing a very special gift to the residents – the gift of song. Last Monday night, Kendra delighted residents by giving a mini-concert at the home.


Kendra has been singing since she was about three. For a short time she took vocal lessons with Shari Tallon, but mostly, she has taught herself to sing. Kendra practices every day, and although she gets very busy with her schoolwork, she doesn’t find it hard to fit singing in. “I love to sing” she says, “It makes me happy to make other people happy”. In addition to singing, writing her own songs and keeping her school grades at the “A” level, Kendra also takes guitar and piano lessons.

For the last few months, Kendra has been singing at the Northbrook Hotel every week, accompanied by Scott Pettigrew of the Tweed Twangers. Scott has been a mentor for Kendra, and has helped her to find venues for singing. In addition to performing at the Northbrook Hotel, Kendra has sung at the Tweedsmuir Hotel with Scott and his other band, Cabin Fever. In the near future he will help her to record a demo CD

This weekend, Kendra will be a back up singer on a CD that is being recorded for the Kids without Coats charity. The concert will take place at the Tweed Hungerford Lions Hall. Also, next year, look for this talented young lady at a concert to be held on February 15, at North Addington Education Centre.

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