| Dec 13, 2007

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Sunday Hunting

"I was born and raised with guns, I’ve shot at people, I’ve slept with guns." Councillor Robinson led off the Sunday hunting discussion with a bang, and no further clarification of this tantalizing opening volley. Following last week’s delegation from hunters requesting the right to hunt on Sundays, councillors discussed the issue and will bring a motion to next week’s meeting for a vote.

Councillors Hicks, Hahn and Robinson had all conducted informal polls, and found that 75% to 95% of the residents they spoke to were opposed to Sunday hunting. Hahn noted that if one combined turkey, duck, deer and bow-hunting, for a large percent of the year there would not even be one day a week when one could walk in the woods without hunters nearby. If there was a need to control the deer population, why not extend the open season for a week? Stowe and Hahn both said their wives had weighed in against Sunday hunting. Stowe will vote ‘yes,’ Hahn, ‘no.’


Councilors Robinson, McPhail and Hicks all commented that South Frontenac was becoming more populated every year, leaving less large areas for hunting. Mayor Davison said most of his friends were in favour of Sunday hunting, so he would vote for it, although he wished that some of the township could be designated shotguns only. Claiming that "It’s a poor hunter that shoots a dog or a person," Councillor Fillion said he was elected by Sunday hunters, and would support it. Councillor Robinson will vote no.

Sydenham Water: Good News/Bad News

CAO Burns announced that as of December 10, there has been a 44% drop in THMs in Sydenham water. This is attributed to a change in filtering agents, which has also led to the need for less water treatment chemicals, lowered turbidity and improved colour in the water being delivered to residents. 137 properties, or 51% of village properties are presently connected to the system. The bad news? Water capital cost bills will be mailed in mid-January.

Hydro One Suggests a Compromise

John Bowen of Hydro One came to Council with a proposal that they consider allowing Hydro to use a glysophate-based herbicide (such as Round-up) on hydro right-of-ways. Although not as overall effective as Garlon 4, it would still prevent stump-sprouting. He said it would be applied selectively by hand-spraying, painting stumps, or injecting stumps near water-courses. Glysophate is considered to be of very low toxicity, harmless to insects and earthworms, and quick to be neutralized when it contacts earth.

It is toxic to fish, and has to be kept away from watercourses. If Council agrees to this compromise, Hydro will continue to notify adjoining landowners, and will spray only selected plants, leaving berries, etc to form a low groundcover. Bowen noted that unless some form of chemical control can be used under the hydro lines, maintenance costs will go up. Council will bring this proposal to a meeting for decision.

Proposed Municipal Offices/Library Renovation

Council would like to combine all municipal offices under one roof, and the Sydenham library is sadly undersized for the population it serves. Architect Ray Zaback presented four preliminary sketches showing possible ways in which the present buildings could be expanded to accommodate both needs. Council went into camera to discuss their opinions and options.

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