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Feature Article - December 20, 2007

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Feature Article - December 20, 2007 Creating Central & North Frontenac Local Food Network By Carol Pepper

Have you been waiting for an opportunity to get involved with a Local Food Network? Do you grow food or create other essential products for sale in the Central and North Frontenac Townships area?

Please join us to explore this new project on Tuesday January 8 at 3:00 pm at the North Frontenac Telephone Office (in the lower level). Over the last few months there has been an initiative called "Engaging People in Building Inclusive Communities". At the last meeting of this group it was decided that the project we would consider undertaking is one that will connect our area in terms of finding out who the food producers are and where we can purchase a variety of local goods. The idea of creating a local directory of this kind would be very helpful to all the residents and visitors to our area. As you may know there is already a well organized initiative similar to this in the areas south and east of us. We need your help in accomplishing this.


As it turns out people all around the world are turning to local producers to gain control of their food supply, improve the quality of their food. Global Warming is upon us. The likelihood of getting the giants of industry to make significant changes to their mode of operation is slim to not at all. We are told that carbon monoxide emissions are fueling Global Warming. How are we to help in that respect? How are we to help in reducing emissions? Some have suggested that shopping locally would be part of the answer, along with all the fringe benefits this practice would promote (like good fresh food minus all the nastier aspects of food grown through typical agribusiness). The problem is not knowing who the producers are and where we can go to access their goods.

We are proposing to discover who these producers are and where we can go to access their goods. Ultimately local farmers’ markets would prosper and eventually be found in more communities to further reduce on distances travelled. At this point there is the suggestion that the directory could include quite a range of products. Now is the time. Join us to share ideas about this exciting project and the possibilities that it presents us.

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