| Nov 15, 2007

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Feature Article - November 15, 2007 History of Bon Echo Documentary Photo courtesy Tweed & Area Heritage Centre

Ken and Cathy Hook of 45 Degrees Latitude Digital Filming will be producing their first video documentary on the history of Bon Echo and area. The project will span the next two years and will involve gathering historical photos and documents from a multitude of sources.


“Although there have been some good television presentations that have highlighted Bon Echo, there has never been a feature length film on Bon Echo’s history,” says Ken Hook. “This will be the first and will be produced in high definition for regular and wide screen viewing. Our goal is to make an entertaining, cohesive story of how and why this area was settled and the challenges encountered."

The production will cover the colonization of the Bon Echo area and explain the aboriginal settling and pictographs through to present-day operations. The logging and mining history is particularly interesting and will be explained with photos, films and live interviews.

The Cloyne and District Historical Society, the Friends of Bon Echo and Bon Echo Park have all endorsed the idea. The final DVD will be sold at local retailers. Photos and documents will be scanned or photographed and imported into the video from a variety of sources: local museums, Queen’s Archives, Ontario Archives and private collections.

“It is still too early to explain exactly what the film will cover since we need to determine what source photos and films are available. Once we get a comprehensive digital collection together, we will be able to “storyboard” the production,” says Ken.

The Hooks would like to ask residents who are interested in contributing historic photos, documents, posters or art for duplication to contact them at 613-336-3211. All material used will be fully credited in the documentary. The Hooks will also supply contributors a digital CD copy of the material to preserve it in history.

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