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The Christmas QuiltBy Kelly Calthorpe

When I was a little girlMy mama would sit and sewA beautiful quiltWith colours that glowed.

On Christmas EveThe last stitch was sewnAnd mama touched the blanket softlyAnd said, “Let’s go to town.”

We drove in the darkFollowing the same starThat the wise men followedBut instead of a camel, in our car

The quilt lay between usOn the front seatWe did not listen to musicAnd mama didn’t turn on the heat

We drove aroundAnd the streets were clearMost people were homeSharing Christmas cheer.I was getting impatient“Mama”, I asked, “where are we going to go?”And softly she answered“I will tell you when I know”.

She sighed and pulled the car over“This is the place to be.”And she walked up the path to a houseThat was cold and dark, and wasn’t much to see.


She hugged the quilt tightlyAnd laid it at the doorThen she rang the doorbellAnd ran around the corner.

A candle flickered in the darkAnd an elderly man came to the doorHe hollered out, “Who’s here?”But when he looked down he said no more.

He picked up the quiltAnd wrapped it around himself tightAnd carried it into the small houseWithout any lights.

Mama came to the carAnd sat for a short whileShe whispered, “Merry Christmas.”And drove away with a smile.

I saw the smile on her lipsAnd the happiness in her eyesI wanted to do something tooSomething, that would be just as nice.

“Mama”, I said, “I wish I could cut and sew.I wish I had a quilt to share.”And Mama told me about all the thingsI could do all year to show how much I care.

Mama said, “You could share a kind a wordYou could hold open a door.When you see garbage lying aroundYou could pick it up off the floor

You could share a snackYou could share some mittsYou could share the clothesThat no longer fit.

The blocks that you cutNeed not fabric beThey can be pieces of kindnessAnd acts of good deeds.

And while it’s valiant to startWith a large and just causeRemember that Heaven came to earthAs a wee little child.”

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