| Jan 26, 2006

Feature Article - January 26, 2006

Feature Article

January 26, 2006

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Letters to the Editor

Polygamy being considered?Thank you once again for your great little paper that has become my window on back home happenings!

I read of so many peoples names I remember from my early life in Mississippi Station. However, those mentioned are no doubt some of the children of the actual people I knew.


As I remember, I do believe while the debates were in parliament about whether same-sex marriage would pass, I wrote a short letter in response to others on this issue. I suggested that if these rights were given because of our charter of rights and freedoms it would not be long before others of faiths who believe in polygamy would step up taking their demands for their “rights” to the Supreme Court. That is exactly what is being talked about now in the circles of our constitutional lawyers. And it will be happening soon!

Is it possible that our desire for fairness and equality in our laws can go too far? Is it possible that some would use these rights to make it legal to do things we simply don’t believe in or practice because to do so would be a backward step, even to create a society we did not want, was oppressive, and one we long since left behind? On first glance these possibilities seem to be what’s now happening. Who knows: on January 23, 2006 things may change and perhaps for the better. Thank you.

- Bill Deacon

No one considers CF road crews

Reading past issues of the Frontenac News, letters to the editor, the Central Frontenac council minutes, as well as hearing the frustrations of the public concerning the maintenance of icy roads makes me very angry about how vicious and heartless people are. To begin - no one stops to consider how the public works management and work road crew get themselves to work at 3-4 o'clock in the morning on the icy roads. There is no one out there sanding their paths for them to report to work. Individuals have ridden their ATV's to work in the pouring rain and then worked for 8 -12 hrs in soaking wet clothes. People don't stop and think of the many young families that spend holidays alone and the many late nights worrying if their husband/family member has made it into work safely or worrying that they might have slid down an embankment with a big truck and are hurt. Many of the employees have very young children and it would be nice for people to consider them when they are making their vicious comments. Just because they are employees of the township does not mean that they are not human. It is stressful enough for the employees to manoeuvre the big trucks over the icy roads, let alone be answering calls from people who are cursing and carrying on because their road has not been sanded.

For you individuals who are doing all the complaining, it's plain to see that you are not looking at the whole picture. There are over 600 kilometres of road in Central Frontenac to be maintained and every household wants their road done first. This is impossible; for this to be done, more equipment would have to be purchased and more bodies hired to operate the equipment. As for sanding the roads in the rain - this is very wasteful, as the sand just washes off and more would have to be applied, therefore increasing your taxes to pay for services which you are complaining about and then you will be complaining about the increase in your property taxes. Remember, before you make your next rude phone call, it is your choice where you live and if you don't like your service, you are free to move to another township; or, if you feel that you can do a better job, it is high time that you apply for these positions and quit your complaining.

For you, Mr. Murray -- you stated that you have received many phone calls concerning the road conditions and as you were told, you should be directing these individuals to call the Hot Line so that these complaints can be handled by the Public Works department. It is very unfair of you or any other council member to be calling the Public Works management and telling them how to do their job. They were hired as educated trained professionals and know more about and how to do the job. If you or any other council member has a problem with how the Public Works Department handles its job, it is something that should be discussed at a council meeting and not addressed by you alone. I believed that all council members should do a ride-along in the big trucks during an ice storm so that you can experience first hand the thrill and stress that these drivers are under; maybe then you would be more supportive to the road works department.

Thank you to the individuals who take the time to call or stop by the office or garages to say thank-you or that they have done a good job. This shows that there are individuals who do understand and care. It gives support and encouragement to these people who are already over stressed.

- Tammy Scott

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