| Jan 19, 2006

Feature Article - January 19, 2006

Feature Article

January 19, 2006

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Addington Highlands Council:January 16, 2006

by Jule Koch Brison

Mohammed (Tex) Rind, who has applied to the township for a licence to open a wrecking yard on Hwy. 41, came to the Denbigh council meeting bringing two letters of support for his application.

Mr. Rind bought a property that had been a wrecking yard, and in 2002 he applied for a license to reopen it; however, he failed to appear at a hearing and letters were received from neighbouring property owners that did not favour granting the licence.

Mr. Rind came to the Jan 3, 2006 meeting in Flinton and again applied for a licence. At that time, council asked him to bring three letters of support from the owners of the properties adjacent to the site.


Mr. Rind brought two favourable letters. Reeve Hook said he had contacted the owners of the third property, who stated that they were not in favour of the wrecking yard.

Mr. Rind then said, “I’ve done everything legally. The people who owned it before didn’t do a good job and I shouldn’t be punished for what they did.” He said if he’d known what the objections were, he could have moved his fence 20 metres or more. He said he was running out of time and money.

Councillor Grant made a motion to grant Mr. Rind the licence, but no one seconded it. Reeve Hook then advised that the matter should be moved to the closed session at the end of the meeting, as there were things about the situation that couldn’t be discussed in a public meeting.

Mr. Rind agreed to wait until the end of the meeting and discuss the matter with council in closed session. When contacted the next day Mr. Rind told the News that council had refused his request.

Hazardous Waste: Councillor Eythel Grant drove to Renfrew on Jan 4 for a scheduled meeting with the Renfrew Town Council on Hazardous Waste Disposal. When he arrived, he found that the meeting had been cancelled; however the person in charge of the program gave Eythel Grant two hours of undivided time and explained the whole system to him. The cost to AH would be based on population, and if the use were the same as last year, it would be about $1600 per year. Considering that the township had been looking at a cost of $1600 for running a single day of hazardous waste disposal, Reeve Hook commented that the price was very good.

Councillor Grant was told that if the township had a lot of one type of hazardous waste they could obtain bins, keep them on site and take them to Renfrew once they were full. Reeve Hook asked if AH could legally transport the hazardous waste without a licence. Councillor Grant said the man told him that the townships Renfrew deals with have no problems storing the waste, and they transport it the easiest way possible; to which Reeve Hook quipped, “That’s ok as long as you don’t get caught.”

Councillor Grant also said he had been contacted by a company that will come in and shred tires. The shredded tires could be used to cover dumps, and in building roads. M. Rind commented that he knew of a company that would bring in a trailer, leave it until it was filled with tires, and haul the load away for $2500 (about $1 per tire). He will obtain the contact information for council, and Councillor Grant will enquire into the price of the tire shredding.

Council passed a bylaw to approve short-term borrowing in order to meet the township’s current expenditures for 2006 until taxes are collected. Township Clerk Jack Pauhl commented that this is the first year since amalgamation that AH has carried no borrowings forward.

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