| Feb 09, 2006

Feature Article - February 9, 2006

Feature Article

February 9, 2006

Small increases in provincial transfers for 2006

by Jeff Green

When the province of Ontario downloaded responsibility for a variety of programs to municipalities almost ten years ago, a program of transfers called the Community Reinvestment Fund (CRF) was established to cover the increased costs to municipalities.

From the start, municipalities were saying that the CRF did not come close to covering the increased cost. Later in the Conservative mandate, as the province’s finances took a turn for the worse, the CRF transfers fell further and further behind.

When the Liberals took power, they promised to fix the problem. A year ago, they replaced the CRF with the Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund. While municipal officials have not been entirely happy with the fund, it did bring a substantial increase in transfers in this part of the province.


This year will bring a further increase, although it is a much smaller one.

South Frontenac Township will receive $1,205,851 this year, an increase of over $100,000 from last year, and over $850,000 from 2004.

Central Frontenac Township will receive $1,382,118 inn 2006, an increase of $40,000 over last year, over $350,000 more than they received in 2004.

North Frontenac Township will receive $384,900 in 2006, over $35,000 more than last year, and almost $300,000 more than 2004.

Addington Highlands will receive $999,331 in 2006, almost $30,000 more than they received last year, and almost $250,000 more than 2004.

Over the line in Lanark, Tay Valley has not been so fortunate, receiving $460,000 this year, $14,000 more than the amount they received in 2005 and 2004.

The County of Frontenac did not receive any money under the CRF fund, but under the new program received over $935,000 in 2005 and will receive $949,574 for 2006.

While all of the townships made use of their fiscal transfer in their 2005 budgets, the county decided not to. They have been seeking information from the province as to how their allocation was determined. The money received last year went into a reserve fund, and will be brought forward to be applied to the 2006 county budget.

The County has scheduled a special meeting to consider its 2006 budget on March 1. Township budgets will be determined later this spring.

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