| Feb 16, 2006

Feature Article - February 16, 2006

Feature Article

February 16, 2006

NorthFrontenac Council Report

by Jeff Green

Citing the success of a camping program in Haliburton County , members of the North Frontenac Crown Lands Task Force proposed that the township consider hiring someone to manage its 108 campsites on Crown land, as well as to be in charge of other recreation facilities in the township.

A consultant has been hired to prepare a marketing strategy for the Crown Land program, which includes 56 km. of roads on Crown land as well as the campsites. The marketing strategy will be completed within the next two weeks.

The township will pursue a grant from the Community Futures Development Corporation to fund the position. The hope is that by having someone to run the Crown land program, the program will ultimately generate the funds to pay for the position.


Septic Inspection Program A report has been prepared by Sarah Willie detailing the results from 30 septic inspections carried this past fall on properties in the vicinity of Kashwakamak Lake . Letters were sent out to property owners explaining the program and asking for their cooperation. A two-page questionnaire was included. Later a visual inspection was carried out. Septic tanks were inspected, but only with explicit permission to carry out the inspection. Of the 30, five were located too close to a well; three had tanks in poor condition; two had excessive plant growth; and two had roots in the tank. The program calls for 100 properties to be inspected this year.

Grants Council authorised the mayor and clerk to sign a grant agreement with the Green Municipal Enabling Fund for a feasibility study into a small incineration system for North Frontenac and Addington Highlands .

Council also authorised the mayor and clerk to sign the contract for the marketing study for the Crown Land Stewardship Program.

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