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Feature Article - February 2, 2006

Feature Article

February 2, 2006

Letters to the Editor

Don't take it out on employees

One thing you can count on from most Canadians is complaints about the weather and anything relating to it. One of those things is, of course, the roads.

All of us are at the mercy of the weather and the amount of money available to spend. Unfortunately, it is not an easy job to balance those two factors when making up a budget. Presumably, the township council and the road superintendent make up a maintenance schedule in order of priority for maintaining the roads in the winter. We have to trust them to use their common sense in completing this task efficiently and logically, realizing that our road may not be at the top of the list. Of course, the weather can still cause delays; if it is raining hard enough, the sand will run off, or if the temperature is very cold, the sand won’t stick to the roads.


I agree with Tammy Scott in her January 26 letter to the editor. We should not take our dissatisfaction out on the employees who are doing their jobs as well as they can. It is the road superintendent who is in the position to respond to complaints. Also, we should remember that the township council as a whole has the authority as employer, not the individual councillors. Unfortunately, this winter is wreaking havoc with road maintenance, with fluctuating temperatures and freezing rain. Hang in there! Spring is just around the corner. In the meantime, set priorities; in freezing rain, drive only if it is absolutely necessary. Call the road superintendent only if your road is not sanded within a reasonable length of time.

I do have one question; who decides how much sand to put on a road during a trip?

- Brenda PiatThank youThanks to the several hundred electors that took the time to read my flyers, put on their "thinking caps", and let me know they agreed with me. Be assured that my efforts and theirs will continue.

Special thanks to the other candidates for helping us experience a civil campaign where we spoke in consideration of the other ideas and plans being presented.

Lastly, I speak for each of us in appreciating the efforts of Jeff Green in organizing two All-Candidate forums that would not otherwise have happened. This was a true and valuable service to the community. We are growing tired of watching the national leaders bicker and rant over matters of minor importance.

- Jerry Ackerman

Election coverage

Just wanted to tell you how great the election coverage (pre and post) was.It is a thrill to watch the News continue to mature.Way to go.

- Inie Platenius

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