| Mar 30, 2006

Feature Article - March 30, 2006

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Feature Article - March 30, 2006

COMRIFon hold


Results from the second intake of the COMRIF program, (the Canada Ontario Municipal Rural Infrastructure Program) are in a state of limbo pending some the go-ahead from the new federal government. The COMRIF program provides for 1/3 funding by the federal government, 1/3 funding from the provincial government, and 1/3 funding from municipal governments for approved capital projects. In the first COMRIF intake, none of projects sponsored by townships in Frontenac County were approved, and the results of the second intake were scheduled to be announced this past winter. The change in government has delayed the announcement, and no projected date for that announcement has been provided.


Central Frontenac applied to COMRIF for a long delayed reconstruction project on Road 38, North Frontenac for a widening of the Mississippi Bridge on Road 509, Addington Highlands for improvements to the Skootamatta Road , and South Frontenac for repaving of the network of former Frontenac County roads.

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