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Feature Article - February 23, 2006

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Feature Article - March 16, 2006

Defining Land o'Lakes Community Services

by Cheryl Hartwick

There are many questions regarding Land O’ Lakes Community Services (LOLCS), what we do, how we operate, how we are funded, who can use our programs, the list is extensive. I will try, through a series of articles, to clear up confusion and define our services so everyone will know what we are about and how to access our services. The common theme of each of the articles will be volunteers. They are the backbone of our agency.

I will begin with a brief history of the agency. In 1970/71, members of the local community formed the “get a doctor” committee. This changed in 1973 to the Land O’ Lakes Health Liaison Committee. Then in 1974, the Health Liaison Committee decided that there should be “initiative and development of a comprehensive, primary, health system with the necessary personnel” known as Land O’ Lakes Health Services. Finally, in November 1976 the agency was incorporated under the name Land O’ Lakes Community Services.


Land O’ Lakes Community Services is a volunteer, non-profit, membership organization and a registered charitable organization. Some of our funding comes from the government, while some also comes from the community through fundraising and donations. We were and still are a community agency not a government organization.

The North Rural Women’s Program and the Adult Protective Services Program receive funding from the Ministry of Community and Social Services and the Community Support Program receives funding from the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. This funding covers the basics of the programs but falls short for the extras that the agency offers to the community. For this reason, we are often looking for ways to raise extra money.

The objectives of the agency, as per our constitution are

To develop, plan and promote Primary Health Care Services within the Township of Addington Highlands and a portion of North Frontenac. To act as a liaison with various levels of Government and other Agencies and Organizations as required in the development, planning and promotion of Health Care Services and Social Services for the defined area. To encourage all residents to become actively involved in the on-going process of developing, planning and promoting Health Care Services and Social Services to meet the needs of the area.

All residents can become members, providing they live in the area serviced, are of legal voting age and pay the minimal membership fee. As an active member, there is an opportunity to have a voice in the direction of the agency by participating on committees, being elected or appointed to the Board of Directors and voting on issues at the Annual General Meeting in June.

The Board of Directors consists of a maximum of 12 active members in good standing 8 elected and four appointed. The appointed members represent geographic areas and/or other specific areas of interest not already represented. Each member of the Board of Directors indeed all members in general - bring their particular experience, knowledge, skills and abilities to the table. Each person’s expertise is a valuable asset to Land O’ Lakes Community Services and the whole community in general. It is what enables us to grow, change and serve the community better.

Land O’ Lakes Community Services hopes that an informed community will result in an active community and everyone will benefit. Stay tuned…

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