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Feature Article - March 23, 2006

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Feature Article - March 23, 2006

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Sharbot Lake Diners Program: September of 2005 saw the expansion of our Congregate Diners program to Sharbot Lake . This popular program has been successfully running in Arden, Plevna, Ompah, and Bedford for almost 20 years.

On the fourth Wednesday of each month, mouth-watering smells can be found at the Sharbot Lake United Church hall as caterer Tim Cota and helper Glenna McGill prepare a delicious meal. The food is served at the table, country-style--no one has to stand in line with plate in hand or clean up afterwards. To date about 50 folks have enjoyed the monthly get-together for the three F’s of Food, Fun and Fellowship.


After the meal NFCS staff present entertainment that provides amusement and/or pertinent information to seniors. Anyone over 50 years of age is welcome to attend.

Recent months have seen events such as a presentation and discussion concerning how the aging process affects the ability to tolerate alcohol, the now-famous bean auction, a valentine trivia quiz, and an overview (with humorous props) of the various services that are available for seniors from Northern Frontenac Community Services.

The cost of the event is $9 per person and transportation to the event can be arranged. Our next meal will be held on April 26 and we’re looking forward to the scrumptious meal of Baked Chicken with Blueberry cheesecake or Lemon Meringue Pie that Tim will be preparing. Sound like fun? It is! Call us at 279-3151 to reserve your place at the table.

Tax Return Service: For the past few weeks our trained volunteers have been completing income tax returns for seniors and those on fixed or low incomes. This service will continue until the end of April. For further information call Joyce at 279-3151.

Deal with Your Debt - Credit Counselling available: Many people in our community struggle with loans, credit card debts and other forms of debt that are unmanageable. Irene Hughes is a credit counsellor at Kingston Community Counselling who works in our Sharbot Lake office regularly. Ms. Hughes has helped a number of families in the area sort out such debts and make arrangements with creditors that are manageable for them. If you need help with debt, call 279-3151 and ask for Kevin.

Foot Care Clinic: On the second Monday of each month a foot care clinic is available in downtown Sharbot Lake . By the end of the day 12 to 14 sets of feet leave the Anglican Church hall feeling much better than when they walked in! Trained foot care nurse Candace Bertrim provides each client with gentle, but thorough care of their feet and toenails.

People depend on their feet more than they may realize. Over a lifetime, people will walk, on average, about 115,000 miles. It is easy to take healthy feet for granted, but foot problems are actually among the most common health problems. Good foot care can help prevent many of these problems. There is a charge of $13 for this service and appointments are required. To book your appointment, call 279-3151.

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