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Feature Article - March 2, 2006

Feature Article

March 2, 2006

Letters to theEditor

Scott Reid's Promises Promise #2: “I will consult constituents on key issues and act according to their instructions.” Scott Reid’s Annual Report to Constituents, January December 2005.

O.K. Scott, time to put your money where your mouth is. Should Minister Emerson be recalled to stand for re-election as a Conservative? Should Senator/Minister Fortier stand for any type of election? Should the Conservative government cut funding for provincial child care programs?


- John McEwen


Polygamy! One man two or three wives. Gee Whiz! What will they think of next -- sneaky adultery?

Take a look at the “black” African Americans (every shade of brown). Illegal until recently to intermarry, but very easy to abuse them, especially as slaves.


In this modern world we can now know who is “Daddy” and maybe there has always been a lot of polygamy of sorts. Should we make it legal? Well, if we do, the first rule should be that no one can be forced into such a marriage. Second rule the female shouldn’t be less than 21 years old and should be carefully informed of all her rights and the possible consequences of sharing a husband.

More important because it’s more common, there should be a law that married people must tell new lovers that they are already married. Otherwise, the victim of the deceit should be able to claim damages, such as his little red BMW or his Rolex watch or his teeth or hairpiece, or all of the above. Don’t forget “that rotten little tramp” is probably a much loved and treasured child of someone, if not a lot of family members. If the old creep wants an extra woman he should at least be honest about it. If the old lady wants an extra man, she should tell him about her husband’s 38 Smith & Wesson.

Regarding the young female “spare lover”. Still worse what if she gets pregnant? Will the Right-to-Life people get her to have the baby and if they do they should be made legally bound to support her and her child until that child is through university. Probably the father should also have to pay, if married to her. It’s very easy to be a single mom, until you’ve tried it.

It is probably not any better to share a husband but everyone is different and this old world should learn to respect that fact. Are people’s brains so small that we all have to be the same just for their convenience?

-Carmel Gowan

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