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Feature Article - April 27, 2006

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Feature Article - April 27, 2006

LOLCSsays thanks

byCheryl Hartwick

Throughout previous articles, I have stated that volunteers are the backbone of LOLCS. In an attempt to illustrate just how indispensable and invaluable they are, to our very existence, I have tried to put a dollar value on the services they provide. In 2005 our volunteers contributed 10,746 hours; if we calculate at just the minimum wage in Ontario, $7.75/hour, the final figure is $83,281.50!! Imagine, all of that work has been done free of charge.


Our volunteers do every job imaginable, they are our Board of Directors, they plan, prepare and cook for Adult Drop-In and Meals on Wheels, they drive for Meals on Wheels and Transportation, they set up and do dishes for Adult Drop-In and other special activities, they provide friendly visiting in homes and at Pine Meadow Nursing Home, they provide hospice/palliative care for people choosing to die at home, they bring instruments and voices to entertain others, they call square dancing, they act as trustees for clients, they organize bus trips and special occasion trips, they organize and supply snacks for weekly euchre games, they do income tax for others, the list is endless.

Although we appreciate our volunteers throughout the year, this week is special. It is National Volunteer Week and we want to take this time to recognize how important they are to our organization and more importantly to the community. So many activities that take place happen only because of people who give of their own valuable time.

People volunteer for various personal reasons, usually the main one being to help others. Peggy Rahm, one of our many dedicated volunteers has said that volunteering keeps her going and active. Peggy coordinates the Community Bus and the Tuesday night euchre games she has been organizing the bus trips since 1983! “I would rather volunteer than work for money” Peggy said. “I get a much better feeling about myself”.

“In 1990, the third week in April was proclaimed National Volunteer Week in all communities across the country. This week is now firmly established as the highlight of the year for paying tribute to Canada's volunteers.” (www.volunteerwinnipeg.mb.ca/newsite/national_volunteer_week.htm).

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you, to all of the people who are so generous with their time! If it weren’t for you, we couldn’t be us.

Information about National Volunteer Week can be found at

www.communityfutures.ca/volunteer/ www.volunteer.ca/nvw.

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