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Feature Article - May 25, 2006

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Feature Article - May 25, 2006

Cydney Taylor wins one of seven student achiever awards

by JaneDouglas, CommunicationsOfficer, Limestone DistrictSchool Board

Cydney Taylor's five years of education at Sydenham High School have been filled with accomplishments in academics, athletics, and leadership roles. Cydney's academic potential is second to none. She has incredible problem-solving ability, and is creative in her approach to abstract concepts. Her solutions to test and examination questions are careful and show great insight, and are often used as model solutions for other students.Cydney's academic average has often exceeded 90% in her past four high school years, and her Grade 12 average exceeds 95%.


It is amazing to behold Cydney's ability to manage her busy life.She is somehow able to balance her heavy academic workload with a myriad of athletic pursuits both in and outside of school. In addition, she has held leadership roles within student government, voluntarily tutors younger students at lunch hours, and spends what little time remains, assisting her classmates in their understanding of concepts. Cydney has participated in Sydenham's annual leadership camp each year of her high school career, and was the organizer of the event this year. She is also the organizer of the school's Peer Mediation Camp for t-risk students.

Cydney is humble and unassuming, requiring no outward recognition or fanfare for her contributions. In athletics, Cydney excels in cross-country running, track and field, volleyball and basketball. She has competed at the OFSSAA level in track and field, and captained the volleyball team to KASSAA and EOSSA championships in Grade 12. She also served as Student Activities and Athletics President in her Grade 12 year, captained the school's basketball team, and was also the captain of the Kingston Pegasus Volleyball team last year.

Cydney Taylor is, without doubt, going to be a great success in life. She has gained much from her high school experience, but has given at least as much back to the betterment of the school community as a whole. She is a very worthy recipient of the Limestone Student Achievers Award.

The Limestone District School Board is proud to honour Cydney Taylor with a Limestone Student Achievers Award.

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