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Feature Article - June 29, 2006

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Feature Article - June 29, 2006

Montreal BotanicalGardens

by Ankaret Dean

Giant fish, tiny bugs and beautiful flowers were part of the trip to the Montreal Botanical Garden and Insectarium this week, arranged by Rural Routes of Sharbot Lake. A bus load of local folk took to the highway to spend the day at this incredible destination.

The Biodome was adjunct to the Botanical Gardens and many of us made that our first stop by taking a shuttle bus. The old ‘velodrome’ from the Montreal Olympic games has been converted into a huge display of four eco-systems through the Americas; starting with the hot steamy jungles from south America, to the temperate Laurentian forest , followed by the St. Laurence marine universe and lastly the polar world of the arctic and antarctic. Each area was full of the various vegetation, animals, birds and fish living in that specific eco-system. The birds flew overhead, huge fish swam right in front of our eyes, and the penquins were probably the star attraction, diving and playing in the snow-covered scenery.


From here we returned to the many beautiful different theme gardens, from China , Japan , and First Nations and then to the large perennial beds. These included exhibition gardens featuring medicinal plants, toxic plants, a monastery garden, also vegetables and herbs. For June, of course the roses were the outstanding performers, stretching almost out of sight in large colourful swathes. Along the way many visited the Insectarium and the large greenhouses. So much to see that we returned home hoping, that another year, Rural Routes will be offering the trip again. I will be one of the first to sign up.

Rural Routes is planning trips to the Toronto Zoo and Canada's Wonderland during the summer, for more information please call Jane at 613-279-2044 or 877-279-2044

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