| Jun 15, 2006

Feature Article - June 15, 2006

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Feature Article - June 15, 2006

North Frontenac Council meeting June 8

by Jeff Green

Waste Diversion task force reborn - Two years ago, North Frontenac established a waste diversion task force in conjunction with Addington Highlands in order to look into the option of thermal disposal of waste, i.e incineration.

Councillor Bud Clayton submitted the final report of the task force to council this week. Given the results of the feasibility study, wherein the consulting firm of Jacques Whitford determined that incineration on the scale that Addington Highlands and North Frontenac were considering would be prohibitively expensive, Clayton’s report was a mere formality.

After submitting the report, Clayton suggested that the task force keep meeting, at least until the municipal election in November, in order to explore all waste diversion options. This proposal was accepted, and the task force is charged with reporting back to council by the end of September.


Public meeting for dump closure – The township will be closing the Cloyne dump, which serves North Frontenac and Addington Highlands , after Labour Day. In order to do so, a public meeting must be scheduled, and a date in July will be proposed to Addington Highlands Council for such a meeting, which will be held at the Cloyne Hall.

Cemetery Cleanup - A crew spent a morning clearing and cleaning the Pioneer Cemetery at Cloyne a couple of weeks ago. Under the direction of Councillor Smith and Clerk/Planning Co-ordinator Brenda Defosse, Andrew Defosse, Ursula Ossenberg, Jim & Marlene Wilson, Mary Kelly and her good friend Lillian, Sarah Lloyd, Sarah Wood, Wayne Good, and Fred Perry turned what had been a tangled mess into something resembling a cemetery. The cemetery task force will continue to re-habilitate the Pioneer Cemetery , and others within the township.

Public Meeting - This Saturday June 10, between 9 am and noon, Council will be holding an open session for the public at the Clar/Mill Hall. Presentations will be made concerning the activities of the township, and council will be available to answer questions.

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