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Feature Article - June 15, 2006

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Feature Article - June 15, 2006

Fund established to assist MazinawCountry

When you care about your community, you find a way to help.

That’s exactly what a group of Addington Highlands and North Frontenac residents has done by establishing a fund dedicated to financially assisting Mazinaw Country.

By signing an agreement with the Napanee District Community Foundation (NDCF) in Cloyne this past Monday, the Mazinaw Community Association, has established the Mazinaw Community Fund. NDCF has pooled funds from the Association with its other funds and placed it in an investment program. Each year a portion of the income from these investments will be used by the association to make grants to worthy causes through charitable organizations in Mazinaw Country. The remainder of the income is reinvested so that even larger grants can be made in the years ahead.

Ian Brumell, Chair of the Mazinaw Community Association explained that in 2005 the group met several times to discuss the best way they could help their community.


“We looked at everything,” said Brumell, “including setting up our own foundation, but that was both time consuming and expensive. Then we found NDCF, which was already a registered charity. More importantly, we really liked the concept of establishing permanently endowed funds using NDCF’s expertise and capitalizing on their vision of helping build a better community over the long-term.”

Brumell emphasized that the flexibility of the NDCF operations was also key to this affiliation. “While our fund is managed financially through NDCF, the local Management Board of the Mazinaw Community Fund will make the decisions about the disposition of funds, including the geographical area it serves and who will receive grants,” he said.

NDCF President Ms. Sam Anderson is extremely pleased to have the Mazinaw Association join forces with the Foundation. “It’s great to have like-minded people in the northern portion of the County willing to step up to help their community and we’ll do everything we can to help them be successful. We are pleased to partner with the Mazinaw Community Association and look forward to working together toward our common goal for years to come.”

NDCF is one of over 150 community foundations across Ontario . Together these foundations have over $2.3 billion in assets and annually give over $115 million to local charitable organizations.

Members of the Mazinaw Community Association include: Margaret Axford, Ian Brumell, Pam Lemke, Derek Maschke, Dale Northey, David Savigne, and Ed Yanch.

Anyone who would like more information about or wishes to contribute to the Mazinaw Community Fund can contact: Ian Brumell, Chair, Mazinaw Community Association 613.336.2203 or Tom Thompson, Executive Director, NDCF 613-354-7333

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