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Feature Article - June 15, 2006

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Feature Article - June 15, 2006

Fire destroys property near SharbotLakeHighSchool

by JeffGreen

Just after school let out on Tuesday, June 6, flames began shooting out from an old maple sugar shack located on property that abuts the school grounds and is owned by the Ferguson family.

Firefighters from the Oso Fire Department responded quickly, and prevented the fire from spreading into the surrounding woods; but the building was destroyed.

OPP officers attended the scene and began an investigation, but they are awaiting a determination as to the cause of the fire by Central Frontenac Fire Chief Mark MacDonald before proceeding with their investigation.

OPP communications officer Paige Whiting confirmed that there have been several complaints from the Fergusons about vandalism at the building, which has been used to store old tractor parts. The two doors to the building had been removed by vandals.

“The building had no electricity and no flammable materials were stored at the site,” Whiting said.


The fire department has also been called in several times in the past to put out small fires in the building, according to family spokesperson Pam Ferguson. The building, which was about 20’ wide by 25’ long, had a cement pad for a floor.

Unknown persons had broken down a portion of the fence separating the Ferguson property from the school grounds, and earth had been mounded up on both sides. A short path leads from the fence to the site of the burned up building.

When interviewed, Sharbot Lake High School Vice Principal Steve Ward said that the matter is in the hands of the OPP.

“The OPP is conducting an investigation. The fire did not take place on school board property. The fire department needs to determine the cause. If, at that point, the OPP decides to investigate further, we will co-operate with them. For now, at least, there is no action for the school to take,” he said.

The News has been unsuccessful in several attempts to contact Central Frontenac Fire Chief Mark MacDonald to find out how his investigation into the cause of the fire is proceeding.

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